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Learning How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello everyone! Today I have decided to bake chocolate chip cookies, I’m not really sure if they turned out good or not. I hope that you enjoy the video and have a great day!

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Video Transcription

Oh everybody welcome back to the sort ofmonumental productions baking showairing on channel 12 today today we havea special treat for you me I’m going tobe baking chocolate chip cookies and Ihave absolutely no idea what I am doingso let’s see what happens I’ve been toldthe first thing to do when baking iswash your hands to stay sanitary sowe’ll start out with that that now morethan ever so I’ve got a lot ofexperience in this category all right sothe recipe is calling for setting theoven to 375 degreesnow be careful do not try this at homekids this is for an older kid thing I amover the age of 13 so I am allowed to dothis so baked and then 375 and you gotto be careful because you can burnyourself and that’s something I probablywill do so I do have food allergies sowhat we’re going to make is going to begluten free and we are going to be usingBob’s Red Mill gluten-free flours soagain not a sponsorship but Bob ifyou’re watching and you want to sponsorthis channel I love that that’d be greatso there’s a recipe on the back of hereso I’m going to look classic chocolatechip cookies two and a quarter cups ofBob’s Red Mill gluten free one two onebig buck oh that’s what’s right here amessso 2 and 1/4 cup so I believe this isthe 1 cup thing right here I’ll trypouring the flour in ginger withoutspilling it[Applause]all right we’re kind of making a messhere mess is part of the process and Ithink that’s one cup okay fell over welldump that in there and I’ll get back toyou when I’ve got all cups of flour inthe bowl well we’re back we got someflour in the bowl yeahand I’ve also got some flour on my shirtI’ve got a washout but the nextingredient if you guys want to look atBob a tablespoon of baking soda waitthere’s a bee in tablespoon Rhett ohit’s a teaspoon all right see I’m notvery good at baking so I don’t reallyknow my way around this place so I’lljust put I gotta make sure I’m doingthis right actually yeah so I’ll put thetablespoon of baking soda in here andit’s not soda I wish it was soda thatwould be greatand then our final ingredient for thispart is a teaspoon not a tablespoon ofsalt it’s right here we’ve got our saltI would not recommend eating a wholething of salt there and we just put thatlittle bit salt in there so then Isuppose I’m supposed to mix this justgrab this will workall right this is not the best herb I’lldo good that’s good so we’ve got anotherBowl for the next step he just came backfrom bowling I have a little humor rightbut I think our next step is I’d onlyneed butter but here is my dairy freealso vegan butter I’m not vegan but Ican allergic to dairy I don’t knowwhat’s required of it a cup of butter Ithink I’m supposed to rinse this guy soI’ll rinse it right here in the sink sowe’re back put the rest of the butter weneed to put it in this thing just gotrinsed off kind of so there’s still abit of flour left in there so I justneed to get a full cup of this butterhere with my handy dandy spoon that’s mybrother in the basement if you can hearany background noise um and I almostdone here and this isn’t something I doon a regular basis I took time I’mwatching America do this I’m almost donewith the Bible would you say this is agood amount of butternope not good enough I have some helpbackstages I’m not really a bakingexpert that is probably more of my momwould you say this is good amount ofbutter now all right we’ll put that inhere oh and I’ve got all the butter outso let’s look at what the nextingredient is we need sugar now this isalso not something I would recommendeating a llama and what we’re gonna needof this year is a 3/4 of a cup so we’vegot oh this is tablespoon I might haveto use my math skills so zap lurid soI’m gonna have to get three of theseinto that four so I’ll come back to youwhen I do so I’m forgetting my mathskills I guess I’m supposed to thinkabout 3/4 of a cup I’ve been out ofschool for a little bit guys so umplease don’t blame it on meI’ve almost got all this sugar in hereI’m tempted just to eat iteven though I warned you guys not toover here and then the final ingredientwe are going to need is brown sugar dowe have any brown sugar all right let melook for the brown sugar so I’m back mymom lied about having brown sugar butwe’ve got it now so I’ll just try to getthis that looks like about thesequarters of a cup maybe a little moreneeded we’re gonna have to do someserious blending with the winery to getthis done so I’ll get one more and I’mreally hoping this couple walks out yeahthis is not gonna work so we add alittle bit of technical difficultiesagain up next we need our vanilla and wejust need a teaspoon of it so I dropsome all right that’s good there andI’ll pick up with you guys in the nextingredient finally we’ve got our eggsand you guys want to hear a joke whatdoes an eggs least favorite crimepoaching ha ha ha I bet that cracked youup oh I’m sorry that was bad really badbut here we’ve got our first eggwe’ll try oh I alright it’s kind offalling apartalright I got the first day done as longas there’s no shells in my cookie I’mfinecuz that would be very selfish of me ifI were to get shells in my cookies sothere we goI’ve got now I’ve got a blend this and Iget to use this thing right here and letme try there’s Oh put it on the lowestsetting listeners take her up enough youguysoh I think they’re falling apart I mighthave to take your back downsomebody Kobe Becky was going to be thisone I do it every day this thing aroundsurgeries little blending Malvothis is funall I need is a song now but you guyswould probably didn’t know we’re goingto copyrighted the play needs to comeback so you guys probably have toimagine stuff in your head but we’rejust about done blending this littlemixture right here what’s my mom doesthis look good all right now I got toadd the flour to this so now this is thepart where it all comes together and itjust add this little without making amess add this little thing right hereinto there I get to use this again[Applause]I’ll see all this works out and get backto you guys right now our finalingredient is adding what in my opinionis the best part of chocolate chipcookies and that is chocolate chips Idon’t you can never have too manychocolate chips so let’s just go crazyall right my mom saying that it’s goodso I don’t want to be a bad influence onyour got you guys I’ll just stir thisquick get the chocolate chips in hereand then we should be good to go andstart cooking still as fun as it was thefirst thingOh let’s get credit where credit is dueand that is to enjoy life chocolatechips thank you for making goodchocolate chips alright so here is ourfinal product I’m not gonna risk eatingit because there’s raw eggs in it butlet’s see how it turns out once we putin the oven so what we got to do here iswe got to spray this pan right here andI’ve actually never done this so let’ssee how it works up oh man that is verypowerful Ohso I put a little too much oil on this Igot a little carried away now we’regonna start putting the cookies on thepan look at that if I can just get it tolook normal like cookies and do I needtwo of these are just one her she wonokay I’m justI have booboo they CEO of Googleoffstage helping me so that’s where I’mdoing all these answers from by the waybut I’m just gonna continue puttingthese cookies on the plate and we’ll seehow it turns out all right here is thefinal product here are my cookies don’tthey look super good and I’m hopingthey’ll turn out good hopefully they’renot a failurebut I’m trying something new so I thinkthe oven should be ready so hey I don’tburn myself we don’t want any emergencyroom visits right now I’m just gonnaslide the top I’m gonna put thatcampfire in there and then I’ll justslowly shut I did do it with burningmyself so I kind of myself yeah we gottaset the timer thirty will go twelveminutesif these buttons would work and I’lltell you guys how they turned out thenalright time for the big revealthe timer’s up let’s see how the cookiesturned out oh that’s hot that’s hot I’mcrying they look deliciousalright so my mom saved me from beatingBert just before thank goodness I didn’tneed a trip to the emergency room like Isaid but we’re going to make anotherbatch of cookies and see how those turnout final two batch of cookies that wemade it took a little while but I thinkthey turned out ok so thank you guys fortuning in to sort of monumentalproductions baking show I hope you guysenjoyed today thank you so much forwatching if you guys are waiting for anyupcoming videos I I’m hoping to makemore I have a QA but I’ll be making andif you guys have any questions just feelfree to put them in the comments sothank you guys so much for watching havea great day and good bye

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