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Learn to make my favorite cookie: World Peace Cookies

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I hope you give these World Peace cookies a try, they truly are fantastic!
World Peace Cookies: Recipe by Dorie Greenspan
1 1/4 c flour
1/3 c cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
5.5 oz butter
2/3 c brown sugar
1/4 c sugar
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp vanilla
5 oz chopped dark chocolate

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to my channelif you’re new hereI’m Suzanne I’m the owner of Lucky whiskand today I’m gonna be showing you howto make World Peace cookies these are adark chocolate with sea salt subwaycookie these are my all-time favoritecookie from one of my all-time favoritepastry chefs Dory Greenspan so grab yourapron and join me in the kitchen so afew years ago I was going through one ofmy new cookbooks and I came across thisrecipe and the title alone is whatreally intrigued meWorld Peace cookies the story behindthese cookies is that the chef thatcreated the recipe he said that ifeverybody had one of these a day surelythere would be world peace these cookiesare kind of a mix between a shortbreadcookie and also a French subway cookieso they’re going to be kind of verysandy and texture and they’re also quitebuttery and the way that we get thatproper texture with this particularcookie is going to be how we mix thesecookies now to get started I have all ofmy ingredients measured out here in theculinary world this is called your misem+ and what that means is youringredients are out measured if anythingis chopped and is chopped this way whenwe’re ready to start our recipe we canjust flow right through it we’re notforgetting any ingredients we’re nothaving to stop something in order toshop and whatnot it really prevents usfrom making a lot of mistakes so theingredients that we’re going to be usingin this recipe I have them measured outfor us we have all purpose flour cocoapowder I like to use a Dutch processcocoa powder specifically in this recipebecause I feel like it gives me a muchmore robust cocoa flavor and it’s also alittle bit darker in color choppedchocolate and this is a dark chocolatetwo different types of sugar we havebrown sugar andrelated sugar I have baking soda a seasalt unsalted butter and vanilla now toget started the first thing that we wantto do is we’re going to sift some of ourdry ingredients together so we’re gonnaadd our all-purpose flour into oursector our cocoa powder and our bakingsoda and now the reason we’re 60 days isreally to combine all three ingredientstogether but also you’ll noticesometimes with cocoa powder you getthose happy little cocoa balls and allwe want to do is just push them throughto break them up okay so we have our dryingredients sifted so now what we wantto do is we’re going to work with ourmixer and we’re gonna start to cream ourbutter and make sure that’s all nice andsoft and then we’re going to add our seasalt in both of our sugars now it’sreally important that your butter isroom temperature and as you can see hereif I take my butter and I just gentlypush into itI’ve left a finger indent and that’sexactly what we want we do not want thisto be melted butter so do not put it inthe microwave just take your butter outyou know at least a half hour beforeyou’re gonna start to make the cookiesso it has a chance to come to roomtemperature so our butter is added andnow to make these cookies you mightnotice with your stand mixer you mighthave three different attachments and wewant to use the paddle attachment just alittle tip if you ever are reading arecipe and your recipe says that itwants you to whip something then thatmeans you want to use your whiskattachment if the recipe tells you tocream or to beat something you want touse this guy this is your paddleattachment if you’re making bread you’regonna use the little hook which is thedough hook attachment so for this recipewe’re gonna cream okay so our butter isnicely softened in creamed now we’regonna add our sugarour salt and also our vanilla our seasalt and our vanilla now normally Iwould add vanilla with my eggs as if Iwas making any type of a cookie or likea quick bread or even a cake but as younoticed this recipe does not requireeggs so I’m gonna add my vanilla rightto my sugar and my butter and it’s abouta teaspoon of vanilla okay now we’regoing to cream this but we don’t want tocream it for very long we don’t wantthis to get light and fluffy like somerecipes specifically if you’re makingcakes or some other cookies they mightsay cream this until it’s light andfluffy and we don’t really want to getto that stage we just want to cream itand we just want to really combined itso we’re gonna get started here okay sothis is the consistency that we shouldsee you may have to stop your mixer atsome point just to kind of scrape downthe sides if you have any butter that’skind of gotten into the paddle you wantto scrape that off this is where we wantto add our dry ingredients and the waywe do this we sifted everything onto ourparchment paper so we can actually justpick it up now you remember that I hadmentioned in the beginning that thisrecipe we have to be really careful withhow long we mix it because we want thesecookies to have that nice sandy textureso we don’t want to over mix that sowe’re gonna mix them as little aspossible in the techniquemixing these cookies is we pulse it butif I were to just turn on my mixer tokind of pulse it we’re gonna have flourand cocoa powder everywhere and we wantto avoid that so would you cover it withthe towel it’s very high-tech and turnit on and off and you might be able tosee if you’ve got some flour kind ofgoing everywhere and that’s fine if youlose a little bit of flour it’s notenough flour that’s gonna damageanything so you just do a few pulses andI can see it here my flour is startingto combine it’s kind of crumbly but Istill have a bunch of dry flour therenow I can turn it on and let it mix alittle bit longer now once my flour isalmost completely mixed in like probablylike 75% mixed in I can still see just alittle bit of dry flour around the edgesthis is what I want to add my chocolateI like to add my chopped chocolate atthis point because the chocolate isreally gonna help combine everythingelseokay now I feel like we are at the stagewhere it’s all combined but you’llnotice that this still is going to bekind of crumbly you might still have alittle bit of flour don’t worry aboutthatwe don’t want this to be one cohesivemass it’s okayif it still has like some crumbles whatwe’re gonna do is we’re gonna take thisand dump it out onto our countertop andyou can see that it’s kind of still kindof crumbly and that’s okay what we wantto do is we kind of want to work it intoone mass but you don’t want to overworkit okay so we kind of have this all inits own little mound right now and whatwe want to do is we’re actually going toseparate it into two even pieces and atthis point you’re just gonna have all itokay now each of these pieces weactually want to roll into a log and wewant our log to be about an inch and ahalf in diameterit’s about good I think it ends up beingabout like seven to eight inches longlooks pretty good now you might feellike as you’re rolling it you might feellike some hollow pieces so you’re justgonna try to push it all togethernow these cookies have to rest in therefrigerator for about like three tofour hours because we’re going to slicethem and bake them and we want the doughto firm up before we slice and bake themnow this is also a really great cookiethat you can freeze I always tend tohave like one of these logs in myfreezer it’s such a nice cookie that youcan pull out and you can cut it whileit’s still frozen and you can bake itfrom frozen which is really nice okay wehave waited for hours our cookies arenice and cold our cookie log nice andcold so we’re gonna unwrap it and nowthese are a slice and baked cookie sowe’re gonna slice them up but we wantthem to be thick slices so these shouldbe anywhere in between a third of aninch to a half inch thick you’llprobably get about 15 cookies from eachlaw feel free to use a ruler or you cancertainly eyeball it but you definitelydon’t want these cookies to be too thinwhen you slice these cookies sometimesif you can see here they might kind ofcrumble a little bit and that’s okayjust kind of push those pieces togethernow these don’t spread so much but youstill want to give them some spacebecause these are that delicious darkchocolate sea salt cookie I actuallylike to sprinkle a little bit of seasalt on the topnow it’s really important that you donot use table salt table salt is reallyfine and it’s really kind of strong andbitter and it will just dissolve intothe cookie the nice thing about using asea salt is it doesn’t really dissolveinto the cookie so you actually seethose nice salt flakes on the top if youdon’t have a sea salt you can absolutelyuse kosher salt that’s totally fine aswell okaythese are actually gonna bake in a 325degree oven for in between like elevenand twelve minutes on the middle rack Ipicked mine for eleven minutes they’rekind of a tricky cookie to know whenthey’re done they won’t really look donethey’ll still kind of look soft buttrust me don’t over bake them so twelveminutesabsolutely pull them out okay so ourcookies are out of the oven they bakedfor about eleven minutes and you can seethat they spread just a little bit andyou can actually still see those saltflecks on the top that’s fantastic myentire kitchen smells amazing right nownow I think these cookies are fantasticas the recipe is written although if youwanted to change things up youabsolutely could in the past I haveactually added like some orange zest todo that chocolate and orange flavor youcould probably even add some espressopowder if you wanted to so you candefinitely get creative but really justtry these cookies as is because theythey really are amazing now you do wantto let these cookies kind of cool forlike about ten minutes because they arereally really delicate and it probablyis going to bevery hard to let them cool at least inmy house it is because we just want toeat them right away so anyways I hopeyou enjoyed this video and if you didplease give it a like and also if you’dlike to see more videos like this thenplease subscribe and then together wecan make the world a better placealright see ya

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