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Learn to create Beautiful MOTHER’S DAY FLORAL Cookie Set

Hey Sweeties, do you know that Mother’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks? I thought I will give you some early design ideas just in case you want to make gorgeous floral cookies for your mum to say thank you for all she has done…after all who deserve it more right? 😍💞💐

In this tutorial you will learn 4 different cookie designs, as well as learning how to make LOTS of fondant flowers, a very useful and handy thing to learn not just for Mother’s Day but for many other cookie designs.

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All my cookies decorated with Royal icing, so if you are NEW to cookie
decorating, these video tutorials will help you in your cookie
decorating journey:

🔹How to make Royal Icing:
🔸Royal Icing Consistency:
🔹Cookie Decorating Tips:
🔸Sugar Cookie Recipe:

Here are some information on the cookie tools that I used in this video:

MUM Wreath Plaque cutter – part of Sweet Sugarbelle shape shifter cutter set:

Wreath Stencil:
I made this stencil and if you are keen to make your own stencil I will be making the stencil file available for download from my website –

Rose cutter:
Rose – Cutter

Mini Piped Flower: – part of Sweet Sugarbelle mini cutters (the sun cutter):

Flower Bouquet Plaque cutter:

Mini Rose mold:

Rose mold/ White & Pink flower mold – comes in the same mold:

Pink Lustre Dust (for the rose):
I used Sugarflair ‘Twinkle Pink’ however I cant seem to find it on Amazon anymore.
I found Sugarflair ‘Shimmer Pink’ which seem to be the closest colour I can find:

Sweet Sticks Edible Art Paint – White:

Sweet Sticks Edible Art Paint – Black:

White non-pariels:

Fine tip brush:

Mini flower plunger cutters:

Daisy Plunger cutter:

Fondant non-stick rolling pin with guides:

Pink Stencil Frame Holder (Stencil Genie – to hold the stencil in place):

Sugar Smoother – to scrape the icing when using stencil:

Decorating Tweezers (handy to pick up small sprinkles):

Fondant modeling tool (i used the bal tool):

Petal Tip#123 (for the big piped rose):

Petal Tip#104 (for the mini piped flowers):

PME small leaf tip ST50 (or you can cut the tip of your tipless piping bag into a V shape):

Plastic Couplers to use with any piping tip:

PME tip#1.5:

Or you can get a writing set which comes in handy, like this one:
PME Writing Tip Set of 3 (Tip#1, #1.5 & #2):

Tipless piping bag:

Cookie Swivel (Turntable) from LC Sweets:

here is another option from Amazon (i have both and they are both great for decorating):

Cookie Turntable:

White non-slip matt ( to put on top of the cookie swivel to prevent cookies from sliding around):


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Music | Stay Home by Declan DP
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