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Kids in the Kitchen: Peanut Butter Cookies 2 Ways

Kids in the Kitchen: Peanut Butter Cookies 2 Ways// Looking for easy kids activities during Coronavirus lockdown? Get the Kids in the Kitchen! Teaching kids to cook is a great life skill that can be taught now while you and the family are at home.

Who doesn’t love cookies??! Kids will love helping you make these easy Peanut Butter cookies that can be made gluten free and refined sugar free. Plus I’m showing you two ways to make this basic Peanut Butter Cookie recipe into totally different but equally delicious sweet treats!

Check out this Facebook live video to see how to make Peanut Butter Cookies 2 ways!

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Video Transcription

hey guys happy Fridaygonna be a great day we are here withoutvery last kids in the kitchen cooking italive and I thought today we wouldcelebrate in the week the beginning ofthe weekend with some cookies how doesthat sounddo we like cookies Wow awesome thanksHarrison do you like cookies okay beansa bit upset okay so we are gonna goahead and make cookies using wellactually gonna make one better we’regoing to split in two and make twodifferent kinds of cookies so let me getsomething in the microwave right we’regoing to make these peanut butter justpeanut butter better yeah so what we’restarting off with is one cup of peanutbutter so if you just lower it down alittle bit there you goso this is one cup of crunchy peanutbutter you could use smooth you coulduse almond brother you can even usetahini which is like a sesame seed pasteor really any seed butter would be greatin this and this is actually going to bea cookie that doesn’t use any flour nofinish no grain flour being used sothat’s really good yep so now we’regoing to add in a little bit of sugar sothis is actually seated doing thatHarrison do it cuz you did the last oneokay so this is a hot cup of stevia youcould use my food sweetener you coulduse regular granulated sugar usewhatever you haveum I whoopsie yeah yeah are we gonna becareful that’s okay that’s okay okay sowe just added half a cup and we’re goingto add in vanilla next so we just needone teaspoon let’s let Dean do it thesame way you’re gonna do the next oneafter Olivia okay so hold the spoon Deanand we’re gonna add one teaspoon ofvanilla extract just a minute Harrisongood to pour that in good and now I’mgonna do the egg okay so the eggs gonnahelp to bind everything togethersince this is a cookie dough recipe thatdoesn’t use any flour really need a goodbinder so the peanut butter is going tohelp to just keep everything heldtogether as well as the egg so let me dothis okayI’m not gonna do it yeah I’m so I liketo do it I like to crack the egg on aflat surface so we don’t get any piecesoff the shell going into the egg so nowwe’re just gonna mix it all together soHarrison happy trying to mix alltogether first we’re gonna do the nextspot okay so we’re going to all taketurns okay so yeah put the spoon intothe yolk and then we’re just gonna mixit all around there you go let’s easeease here hey hi so Hina same time fiveto four we are actually making somesugar-free grain-freepeanut butter cookies and we’re going tomake be making them in two differentways so you get two different kinds ofcookies out of this one better good jobman okay Olivia doing the SAP trying tomix it togetherno the jelly we’re gonna use a littlebit later be careful because that canbreak if it falls down okay good job nowthis better right now is pretty loosehey hands down and so what we’re goingto do just talk to bind it together evenmore is use a little bit of flour goodso this is a quarter cup of almond flourokay so yeah you’re gonna stir it nextokay good okay let’s put it down andDean you stir it together and so this isa los ingredient that’s going to makethis very like basic peanut buttercookie dough better and then we’ll splitit in halfhmm yeah I’m gonna show you we’re gonnahave a couple of different ways to makethese cookies into really fun things forthe kids and for the kids it’s hot sowe’re going to do a pizza Wowokay so now we have the dough mixedtogether let me show you what it lookslike so as you can see it’s a reallysoft batterit smells like peanut butter it’s reallyreally good and then all we’re gonna donow is just split it up so I haveanother bowl I’m just gonna put half ofthe batter on this bowl okay and then tothe to this one we’re gonna add in somechocolate chips so Dean have requestedmaking some chocolate chip cookies okayand so we actually have two differentkinds of chocolate chips here so we havethe normal like what I would call blackwhich is really just like beat upchocolate chocolate chips and chocolatechips obviously you can go ahead and usewhatever chocolate chips that you haveso we’re using a quarter cup of each ofeach of the different kinds of cookiessorry it’s different kinds of chocolatechips yeah man you’re gonna have to waitokay so that that’s a point out of theground or the milk chocolate chocolatechips and then we’re going to do anotherquarter of the cup of the whitechocolate chips okay so now let’s drawthem together and we’re gonna keepmixing it until it’s completelyincorporated so this is gonna be areally fun like black and whitechocolate chip cookie recipe with thispeanut butter base so that’s gonna bereally let’s see who else we have it wehave mama Chris hi mama Chris and wehave help on the home front hey how’s itgoing okay so we are making these blackand white chocolate chip cookies rightnow and actually we’re using one doughwhich is a basic like peanut butterdough we split it into so we’re gonnamake two different kinds of cookies andthe first ones are these black and whitechocolate chip yeah okay so love youwants me to show you so this is what thebatter looks like now that has thechocolate the black white chocolatechips in itso yummy and then now comes the fun partokay so I’m gonna grab this tray withjust a non stick finder on it and whatyou’re gonna do is we’ll get atablespoon of the dough let me show youyeah I’m all we’re gonna do is we’regonna kind of squeeze it together in herhands entertain a bowl and we’re justgonna roll it into a ball in their handsand it’s a very forgiving dose you canjust like pinch it back together for youtoo but then we just end up with alittle ball of peanut butter cookie andwe put it on our tray I don’t know ifyou can see that we put on our tray OhHarrison that’s enough fun and we’regoing to flatten over their hands toabout let’s see that’s about a half aninch thick maybe a little bit less butyou just flatten it with your hands andit creates a really like rustic looking light chocolate chip cookieokay guys help me do that oh you knowokay Dean’s gonna do itokay so we’re get a good tablespoon justsquish it in your fingers just likeplay-doh okay so this is usually the funpart because everyone is helping to makecookies but it’s definitely okay if theydon’t want to okay about to just squeezeit in your hands there you go good jobmake a little Bowl good you know we needto make a ball over the plate oh yeahthat’s right so we’re gonna make alittle ball and we’re gonna put it onour tray and then just let me have itokay so all we’re gonna do is we don’twant to squish it too hard we’re justgonna gently pull it into a ball okayand then put up on our train yep good golike oh good good job backthe first time cooking and that’s theoven so these are going to end upcooking at 350 degrees so the oven ispreheated now and then what we’re gonnado with our other dough is we’re gonnado the same thing at first so we’retaking a tablespoon of the dough thentouch your face please okay sotablespoon in the dog we’re gonna make alittle ball and we’re going to onceagain just to show you okay let me showyou so you know okay I’m gonna put it onour tray let me see if I can put itsomewhere you can all see it we’re goingto then push it down a little bit butthen we I’m going to take a finger or athumb and we’re going to make a littleindention in the middle a little bitlike a donut but we’re not gonna go allthe way through okay okay let’s listenguys so you know what to do okay let mego grab my hands okay now what we’regonna do oh don’t do it to that one bunthis one’s gonna stay just like thatokayso I’m showing you what to do on thenext one the one that doesn’t havechocolate chips all right yeah exactlyso then we’re gonna put a little cheesefood of jelly in the little indentionthat you’ve made in the cookie and sothese are making like basically peanutbutter and jelly cookies there’s alittle thumbprint cookies yes you wantjelly in your cookies okay we’ll justpeanut butter in a tree okay you doingyes okay let me do another one to showyou again but that’s it guys that’s thesecond kind of could be a little PB&Jpoppy which I thought was really cuteyeah so once again we just grab atablespoon of the dough we roll it inour hands put it on the tray squish itdown just a little bit and then using afinger or thumb create like a littleindention in the cookie and then put alittle bit of jelly in the middle andthat’s itso that is your P D and J cookies let meshow you a little bit closerthey’re just a minute sardine so we havethe two different kinds we have theblack and white chocolate chip ones andwe also have the PB&J ones you can seethere okay and then we put these intothe oven at 350 degrees just a minutefor about 15 to 18 minutes and whileyou’re looking for is for the for it tobe very slightly golden brown it’salready pretty Brown so it’s gonna bereally tender it’s still on the inside alittle bit crispy on the outside butfully cooked through and that’s it – mmmcookies to help us kick off the weekendlet’s seeoh hi Rob thank you so much for watchingus today and that’s it guys twodifferent kinds of green teas are youhappy with the cookies yeah okay Chriswe will cook them okay totally I saysgood job let’s put these guys numb themyeah we’ll send you some I’m kidding[Music]because we’ll probably eat them oh wowwell we’ll see them maybe if company isreally good with send us some cookieshow does that sound okay guys oh mamaChristmas thank you have a good weekendthank you you too we really appreciateyou joining in on their lives everysingle day for the last two weeks thanksto air on on Facebook that has beenwatching us especially from Leah andNana and guys have an amazing weekendlet me know if you need and you let meknow if you need any help with any otherrecipes and I’ll see you again on Mondaywith something new and fun bye onFacebook see you later bye Juliayeah

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