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Joshua Generation Bake Off! Aunt Lisa’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Fun Friday event for Joshua Generation kids and their families. Let’s bake together!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everybody welcome to my kitchenand my cookie demonstration tonight weare making oatmeal raisin cookies now Ihave everybody everything alreadyportioned out here and we are gonna gothrough step by step first we preheatour oven so that while it is heating upyou have a chance to mix the batter andputting it on bake 350well my oven is convection and it’ll be325 and a regular oven is 350 and it’sstarting to preheat yeah first step herewe have margarine and we just need 1 cupfor the recipe it’s so something likethis you just cut it in half and Ialready have that hereI just wanted to show you so we startout with our half of that margarineblock is actually 1 cup so 1 cup of softmargarine or butter if you like you canuse butter 1 cup and it’s not meltedit’s soft so it’s best if it’s left outfor a few hours before and to the butterwe’re gonna add 1 cup of brown sugarand then a half a cup of white sugarwe’re gonna mix the brown the sugars andthe butter together okay we’ve got oursugars in butter all mixed I’m gonna addtwo eggs next that’s our two eggs and wehave one teaspoon of vanilla extract ifyou notice something these are theweather ingredients and we’ve left thedry ingredients for after the wet is allmixed together so here we are we’ll mixthe eggs in with the sugars and thebutter and the vanilla and we arehalfway there guys they scrape your bowljust to make sure it’s all mixed inmixed up together and then we will addthe flour and I have portioned out heretwo cups of flour put that in and afterthe flour have here a half of a teaspoonof baking soda sprinkle that all overthe phoneand we have a quarter teaspoon of saltto gently mix it so that you don’tsplatter flour all over your kitchen oryourself so gently mix it in mix ituntil you can’t see any more of the drymixture you want to blend them alltogether it’s gonna start to be a littletough to mix but it’s pretty easy peasyhere we gobatter is almost done but I have hereone cup of oatmeal which I’m going toadd right now put in the oatmeal theoatmeal is the last thing to add forjust oatmeal cookies this point somepeople may add raisins like I willbecause I promise that these we’re gonnabe old mill raisin cookies but someother people may also put in or anothertime depending on what you want you canput in nuts walnuts pecans or you canmake it boat milk chocolate chip cookiesat this point is where you’ll addchocolate chips to it so I will put inour quarter cup of raisins and make likeI promisedoatmeal raisin cookies so final stirhere and then we will scoop these ontothe baking sheet and soon you’ll besmelling cookies well I get to smell itbut when you make your own you get tosmell it as well so here I have a bakingsheet and I like to use a scoop but ifyou don’t have a scoop you can just usea spoon if you use a spoon it’s easy ifyou you get two spoons and scoop one anduse the other one to scoot it offwhereas the scoop you can scoop scoop itoff for itself sotake one scoop for placing them onbaking sheetthis can fit 12 exactly one dozencookies on it the scoop gives us auniform size that’s where the cookiescan bake at the same rateone won’t burn because it’s smaller thana bigger one so this was this is a goodidea for making cookies when I use thescoop all the time when I bake thecookies okay last one and I will have 12on this baking sheet there is that firstdozen cookies ready for the oven here wego when you come back we’ll have cookiessee I think the cookies are ready herewe go yes they are we go all the edgesare browned I set it on the cookie wrapon a cooling rack and I scoop them offright awaywhoops so that they can continue to cooland don’t be worried if they feel softbecause they harden as they cool I hopeyou try your own oatmeal raisin cookiesoh here comes a taste tester like aguitar yes please doyou’re being recorded to let everybodyknow how it cookies turn up pleasethanks everyone it’s been fun this isour Friday night jg bake-off[Music]

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