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Introduction video – Easy chocolate chip cookie recipe

Listen, I don’t know how to cook, so let’s just all try and figure this out together

Ingredients used:
200g of butter
125g caster sugar
100g brown sugar
300g plain flour
1tsp vanilla extract
1tsp baking powder
A pinch of salt
Milk chocolate coins

Here are two recipes that I kind of mashed together just in case you want a professionals opinion :

Easy chocolate chip cookies

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello I’m Martha Stewartso you’re thinking okay that’s coolhaven’t spoken to tower in ages so likeobviously she’s just continued on withher life that’s greatobviously she’s gone back to schoolcollege and she is now doing culinaryarts and like she’s doing some videosthere or something that’s not that’s notwhat’s happeningum I in the last year have made a verybig life change and that is that Istarted actually making food that wasn’tjust get the pasta put it in the boilingwater and then when it’s done just eatit just like that maybe put some cheeseon it or some stirring sauce you knowsauce that I don’t even have to cookthat’s those feeling fancy maybe putsome like frozen garlic bread with it ifI’m really maybe if I’m entertainingguests um but that was it and then forlike breakfast oh that was dinner andthen breakfast and lunch would be likecigarettes and coffee and that was itand then I moved in with my boyfriendstop smoking and found there is a lotthere’s a lot of time when you’re notsmoking so watch there’s a lot of timeto actually put effort into food and itturns out that food actually helps yourbody Hulu and so this whole year likelistening my whole life before that didnot like cooking thought I didn’t neverdid home at in schoolabsolutely I’m not qualified to be onthis video right now that’s why I’mmaking it because YouTube is filled withpeople that are already talentedyou know they’re there they’re makingvideos because they’re amazing atcooking or they’re amazing at this thanthe other and that’s nice but whatYouTube is lacking is someone who’s notthere yes and who you just like to watchkind of struggle to learn and that’swhat this is well no no no so then thequestion was what would I make for myfirst video if I was gonna make a videolike this and of course I came to theconclusion that we had to go back tobasics okay if we’re gonna start wedon’t want to horse in to like we don’twant to pick some big ridiculous mealbecause there’s no point jump in therewhen you haven’t mastered this thislevel and cookies one they’re very easyin the sense that so crazy ingredientsvery straightforward to pretty mucheveryone likes them fair there and Ifind with cookies they’re a veryforgiving recipe in the sense that youcan kind of another wish could I add oneeveryone’s use whatever sugar usewhatever kind of they work whetherthey’re good or not is another questionbut they work and you can totally postan Instagram of them after oohalmonds create um I’m like flexibile Ilook at baked cookies even if they tasteawful so that’s what we’re gonna startwith you just heard my oven it ispreheated to 180 degrees let’s go[Music][Music][Music][Music]that is not at all in the recipe that Ibasically I had two recipes that I’vetrained up before one of them only usedfaster sugar one of them is brown sugarand I decided to do both and so thatmight work or it might notso yeah so where I have the sugar andthe boss thereand we are doing my favorite part whichis combining sugar and butter which whenyou start off it’s like this shouldn’tdefinitely not work they won’t combineat all effort especially with a woodenspoon and then ten minutes later you gota mixture and I love now we have sometime to talk so let me explain somethings further so I am Not Afraid I asmost people who know me know I’ve gotsome things hold onI get very anxious as a person it’s ahopeless situation and I kind of thereason I never cooked was almost becauseof that because one when I lived out ofhome when I did iPhone rather I was likealways terrified that like food wasgonna make me sick I’m so obsessed I wasgonna probably guessing so like theydidn’t eat properly because I was justconstantly thinking about that too muchthen I kind of gone through that thatphase of thinking I was gonna be sickI’m still an anxious person maybe toleave the house or things like thatand he may eventually end up movinganguish the Luthor name would likepeople my age and never felt comfortablegoing down to the kitchen that’s likebeing shared with four people and makingmy food I never I hated it so like Iwould always pick things like likeplaying pasta and things like that justto make my time in the kitchen as littleas I could possibly so like that was thecase for like four years I lived out ofhome for a long time I didn’t reallylearn to cook everI also was going through like not agreat not a fun time so didn’t reallycare about like minding myself I guess Ididn’t really want like I didn’t reallycare if I was food yourself I just waslike trying to you know serve all you soI was just eating to survive it likejust oh I know Ium so that’s that like I never reallylearned to cope it didn’t do it inschool or anything and like people whohave a lot definitely watch this and belike wow like cooking especially cookiesor something like easy like no way shenot like well okay fair cookies is easybut I don’t know I feel like some peoplejust like their coal like they’ve beenlike cooking like their family reallyinto it or whatever and I’m just like noI cannot relate to that like I don’tknow I don’t know what it is but andreally never learned or got into it muchand so when I moved I was properly likefor the first time just me my boyfriendliving together I was like yeah I’mgonna give this a go and that was likewhoa this is fun like I am enjoying thisit’s very good for people who areanxious because it’s really like it’sreally therapeutic Percy also look atthis damn table and see it’s therapeuticand then also it’s good in the sensethat like it’s a thing you follow arecipe you know it takes you out of yourmind for a while because you have tofollow what you’re doing you payattention to what you’re doing and alsoit’s such a good life skill like I thinkwhen I moved in with Steve I just waslike constantly like Matt I’d love tojust be that mom and years to comethat just like and make anything andanything and just like people are comingover to the my hand I’m like I wasn’texpecting you but I just made thismassive pot of amazing food and therehere’s a fresh meat harsh oh I just madeit I’m just pottering around it’snothinglet me just hop in my Range Rover andget some more beets and we can all baittogetherI don’t know[Music]yeah I just I feel like it’s such a goodsales have so I’m learning it and I’malso recording it because also I lovemaking videos and I feel like I’ve neveractually let myself get into it verymuch like I just kind of have dabbledlike this and they all like you knowwhat it’s 2025 for doing whatever wewant people think it’s weird that I’mmaking cooking videos that’s their ownbusiness okay 22 idea we’re doing ourown thing anyway this is definitelycombined by now I’m just ranting at thispoint okay so next you we us all of usare going to sift in to 300 grams ofplain flour a teaspoon of baking powdera pinch of salt and a teaspoon ofvanilla essence extract something likethat[Music]listen your ancestors okay they weren’tputting everything into their littlemixer just sitting there drinking theirwine while the mixer makes so okay theyhad their hands and they were justhorsing I mean I’m moving it about andsee what happened okay that’s what we’reabout here it’s nothing to do with thefact that I can’t afford a KitchenAidokay cookies when they come out they’relike doughy and lovely they have to coolbecause otherwise it just be a big messand so they end up staying in the ovenfor like 15 minutes but you just have tokeep an eye on them because it’s carnageokay one minute they’re fine and thenext minute they’re burnt to a crispthey’re a little bit golden today butthey’re good and they’re chunkier thanusual normally I make pretty flat ones Imade like less but they’re like biggerand I wanted to try them but I actuallyhave to go to work now so let’s justassume if you never see this video theywere terrible and if I put it up theywere nice um yeah I’m gonna be postingmore of these I’m gonna watch them coolif you don’t cool em yeah thanks if youwatch this Thanks it’s cookies you knowhow to make a but may as well get arefresher and just watch me figure itall outand that says goodbye

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