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I GOT READY TO BAKE COOKIES lol *includes taste tests and more*

Hello chikababes!!!
What is up ??? How are you doing chikababes!!!!?
Ang sirap ng cookie ko 🙂
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Hope you are all well during this hard times. There are so much things going on everywhere so it is not bad to take a break and chill, maybe bake some cookies to take your head away from all of it. That is what I did.

Thank you for watching the video, my cookies were yummy!
They tasted better after another 24 hours, the flavour was there 🙂
Thanks to Honeysuckle’s recipe. I will link the video below.
Sana nag enjoy kayo. See you on the next vlog chikababes 🙂

xx Cath

My friends cookie store: @bakedbygia
Honeysucle’s Cookie Recipe

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Original of the video here

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