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Have you ever struggle to make peanut butter cookies? No? I sure did….

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Video Transcription

if you have a struggle for making peanutbutter cookie no I sure didit’s not because I don’t have the allthe ingredients I do have all theingredients I’ve got the egg I’ve gotthe peanut butter and I do have also thesugar but I’ve been looking up online onYouTube to see how to make it well myreaction to every single video isexactly like this piece this couldn’t besimpleranyone can make this into a mixing bowlwe can put in 1 cup of white sugar 1 eggand 1 cup of peanut butter whether youchoose to use smooth or crunchy isentirely up to you I’m using smoothtoday then simply using a electric mixerwe’re just going to beat I don’t have abig mixer we’re gonna add some roomtemperature butter some white sugar somepacked brown sugar and of course peanutbutter it’s all a joke just so many likevideos that knit as soon as you try toyou know make something good foryourself or for for your kids or for itanyone in particular right there’s justalways a fuck up sorry for my languagefor all those kids that are probablywatching my video right here out thereshout-out to all recipes and one-potchef and I think food wishes oh nopeople that are making videos if youwant to make know how to make cookies gofeed them love you what you thought Iwas gonna close the video right now youare a funny man or you’re funny girl orfunny woman or funny man well I don’teven know but

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