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HEY GUYS!!!! I know this is a super long video but it is super duper interesting 🙂 I tried to answer as many of the questions as I could but I’m probably going to make a part 2 in the very near future! ily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys back to my youtube channel sotoday I will be doing a Q&A and bakingcookies at the exact same time cuz whynot um and yes I did film this videoyesterday on my camera um and then itall deleted so yes I’m making anotherbatch of cookies which you know completealright so let’s get into this video bythe way if you want the chocolate chiprecipe I’ll put it down in thedescription down below I said down like7 times find out when it’s alrightso on Instagram I asked you guys to askme some questions so I could do thisvideo and you guys asked me threethousand seven hundred and ninety-sixquestionsit might just be like a little much butit’s fine I probably won’t be able toget through all of them today um I mighteven make a part two to be honest but Iwill try to get through quite a few huhso let’s just get into this video myphone cases cherries because duh I’mcherry so this is my setup right now Ihave my camera tripod moisturizer a sickof butter and as you can’t forget yourLysol wipes so yeah that’s fun so whatis your dream job okay this is kind ofhard cuz I like a lot of things and Ithink a lot of like I think of a lot ofthings as like my hobby so that’s kindof hard yes I want to be an actress andlike I already am right now so yeah so Iguess I’ve already gotten a head startthat one but I also really love theenvironment and activism and stuff likethat so anything to do with theenvironment maybe like an environmentalconsultant or someone that just reallyhelped the world because you know it’s atough place to live in but yeah um Iwould really love to pursue my career asan actress and a performer I loveperforming and acting and everything andsinging you know um I’m glad that I’mfortunate enough to get opportunities atthis age to be able to pursue my careerand I really hope I can take it throughmy life all rightnext question what what makeup friendsdo you wear okay um I don’t wear me Ohas you can tell um I have nothingagainst it’s not like I’m just not veryif I can’t do this baking powder I’mjust not very good at it first of alllike I’ll wear an on-set or I’ll wear itto a performance or like an audition orsomething I’m just not very big on itand it’s very time-consuming and I don’treally have a lot of time to do it um Iwould definitely love to get better atit um and I also personally think Idon’t do the makeup but that’s just meum but yeah I don’t really wear makeupsomeone could teach me though all righthow many musicals have you done um darnit there’s gonna took a long time I’mnot the type of person that counts themusic goalscuz I all like all of my friends I’mlike oh how many musicals have you donethirty-six I adjust I can name them okaynext question what is your favoritemusical that you’ve done um this is sohardI love musicals I think there’s so muchfun to do but my favorite that’s so hardthe favorite is I have two favoriteeither frozenI played Elsa or Fame and I playedCarmen Diaz it was so much funthose are my two most favorite musicalsnot only do I love the musicals but likeI think the process of it was really funI had like so many amazing friendsthroughout the entire thing and Ihonestly think your cast and crew andlike everything is what makes a showamazing so I really love those two showsthat I’ve done okay do you have anysiblings pets I have two siblings twotwin sisters re an idea they are eightyears old they’re actually upstairs likeplaying with their toys or something butlove them deeply but I don’t have anypets I want a pet so I want a dog reallyreally really badly but you know it’sfine whateverit’s alright I can’t find any of mybaking utensils all I can find is thisand I need one cup light brown sugar sowe’re using this hey Siri how manytablespoons are in a cup just for doingsixteen of these a fun all right nextquestion Shawn what is your opinion ongrapes and peanut butter together let’stry it never tried it if it’s like apeanut butter and jelly sandwich thatI’m probably I don’t like it and wedon’t have grapesbut the closest thing the grapes is wideokay but we do have dates and I’m prettysure dates are the great families so Iguess we’re gonna do dates and peanutbutter let’s see how this worksI don’t like dates I think they tastenot super great so this is gonna be manthat was hardreaching for the top shelf is not thegreatest thing okay we got peanut butter[Applause]no what is your favorite type ofbutterfly umfun fact I’m not very fond ofbutterflies I I’m the type of personthat doesn’t like hate anything oh mygod a lot of people find me annoying forthat they’re like such a weirdoshe doesn’t hate stuff true but um Ijust don’t like you know how people arelike grossed out by bugs and stuffthat’s how I am with butterflies and butI’ve grown to like them we went to likea butterfly garden thing I kind ofthought they were like a little bit cuteso that’s like some things but I neverreally loved them but if I was to choosea favorite right as a different oh mygodI was about to I was about to say arethere different types of butterflies Isure hope so um let’s see types ofbutterflies um I like this one thisone’s kind of cooloh wait no I want that one I want thatthat one I think that’s a fake butterflyactually that’s so prettyI want a Potter house colorful butterwhy that’s my favorite great nextquestion oh you guys are so nice all ofyou guys are like you’re so prettyhow are you so hot I’m not cold okaywhat was your favorite acting rolethat’s kind of hard I’m that’s reallyreally hard I have a lot of favoritesI honestly think every single one that Ihave done is my favorite but I rememberthere was this one commercial that I didit’s not out yet so I can’t really sayanything about it but I met the entirecast like the day of so it was like oohit was a little weird but we like wait Idon’t know how many I put in okaywhateverum but we like connected instantly likeI don’t even know why it was like I meanI kind of dunno why we’re all like veryextroverted people so we were kind oflike man and so we really got along itwas so much fun I was I got I’ve lookedreally forward to filming every singleday and it was really great so reallyhappy that I got to do that but I thinkevery single role that I’ve done arelike thing that I’ve been cast in hasbeen super fun I’m so grateful for everyopportunity and I love it so so much soyeah okay next question where do youlivethat’s a little creepy I know what youmean um I live in Georgia the PeachState yes I actually really love Georgiato be honest I mean when you actuallylike live here you kind of think likethere’s not like that much to do hereand stuff because like it’s not like NewYork where it’s like super coolstuff but I think once you get likereally accustomed to being here it’sreally great and I really love it hereactually I’ve lived here most of my lifeall of my life actually but I was bornin Sam one wet body go yepsuper cool not Puerto Rican though Imean I think like a little bit but Idon’t ok next question what is your realnameprincess Vegeta squishy Lulu a lot ofpeople asked me for this they’re likeit’s cherry your real name I’m like nono no it’s not who would name theirchild cherry it’s princess Vegetasquishy Lulu just so I could clear thatup cuz I know a lot of people ask methat on a daily basis and I’m like nonext question how long have you beenacting I’m a big fan hehe um thank you Ilove you um I’ve been acting since I wasvery youngsix months a year maybe I don’t know Iwas very young though and I think myfirst ever role was when I was a childand so basically they I like died in thebeginning of the movie the bad guys shotme so r.i.p baby cherry but yeah superfun my first ever modeling job it wasfor Gymboree when I was younger I wouldalways like stay stuck to my mom like Ididn’t want to go near anyone I’mtotally different than I am now likeit’s so crazy I was so shy when I wasyounger now I’m like so extroverted notshy at all couldn’t honestly care lessabout what people thought of me it’scrazy but I was crying the entire timethey were honestly so annoyed of me likeI could already tellyeah that was my first ever one atGymboree it was so much fun they paid meand candy and it was absolutelywonderfulI love date and yeah I really hope thatthey invite me back there so we can dosomething else in a while thank you ifyou were a Disney character who wouldyou want to be favorite Disney Princessokay um my favorite Disney Princess isMowglieven though Mowgli isn’t a princess Ikind of think Mowgli is just becausefirst of all nobody has like all of thecharacteristics that all the DisneyPrincesses have and he’s like supergreat so yeah and he’s the only one thatI can like actually relate to how Idon’t even live in the jungle it’s finewhateverum but yeah Mowgli is my favorite DisneyPrincess and if I could play any likeDisney character I wouldn’t want to makemy own Disney Princess like an IndianDisney Princess because they don’t haveone and I would want to play her cuz ifI’m not cast I’m suing who is your styleinspo um I never thought about thisbecause I honestly don’t think I havestyle but you know I guess my fits kindof fresh not gonna lie don’t even playvolleyball played volleyball for like ayear but I’m wearing my Nike shorts soif you call that silence bow you knowwhatever then what else am I supposed toadd to this recipe I’ve done likenothing I can actually do a one-handedegg crack watch those guys okay got itboom what can I not do like actually I’mjust gonna alright none sister how manyboyfriends have you had this one’s kindof complicated 31 I don’t think I’veever been in like a real likerelationship and I wouldn’t say that Iwould like don’t take anything seriouslycuz like I feel like that’s how everone sees me I’m just not like veryserious but like I had things with somany people like it’s actually crazythis year I’ve been a real gardening hoelike I’ve been like talking to oh like alot of really good thing like what canyou doI mean it’s not like I wouldn’t want tobe in like a serious relationship it’sjust I don’t think a lot of people liketake me seriously enough it’s like theyjust I’m like only here for fun andgames and I’m like are you kidding nextquestion are you currently in arelationship yes with myself and reallyusing especially this time in quarantinefor myself because I honestly probablywon’t have that time later in life okaybut yeah I’m really just trying to takesome time to myself right now and youknow kind of figure out my life nextquestion are you scared of death that’sa interesting question I don’t reallyknow I mean not really cause like I’mimmortal but like if there was a chancethat I was gonna die I mean live yourlife to the fullest and then when youdie you died that your favorite songthat’s so so hard cuz I mean a favoritesong that’s like I listen to like somany songs and I know like everyone saysthis but like I’m actually not kidding Ilisten to like every single type ofmusic there is because I love music andI think it’s amazing okay alright nextquestion who is your favorite person inthe world okay don’t get me wrong I loveevery single person in this world you’reamazing so why I love you but um at themoment my favorite person in the worldwould probably be my bus driver mr. yogishout out to mr. yogi he is so amazing Ihonestly don’t think I could have madeit through high school without himand she’s my favorite person rightoverall like like my entire life andthis sounds so so selfish but like me Ican already see like everyone being likebecause I’m the only person that’s gonnastay with myself for my entire life I’mthe only person that like truly caresabout myself what I’m trying to get thatit’s like you sluggard that’s why Ishould take care of yourself Oh funnythe next question is can you do a videoabout self-love you seem like a reallyconfident person and I would love toknow how to boost my confidence ohthat’s so sweet I actually was gonnastart a series about self-love and nextweek I’m probably gonna post the firstvideo next question what shampoo do youusewho do I use this has been more of a melike realizing stuff about myself and mejust answering questions I actuallydon’t know what you do I use I think Ithink it’s like a different one everydaynot gonna lie it’s just like whicheverone like ends up in my bathroom causelike we’re always just like tradingstuff in my family and sometimes it’slike Pantene there unlike other timesit’s like another champagne nextquestion my hand do you play any sportand if you do what sport okayI played a bunch of sports my entirelife I really like sports and it’s notlike I quit them cuz like Twitter orsomething cuz I’m not a quitter everyonethat knows me knows that I always followthrough with things and I don’t likegiving up I just think when I wasyounger I wanted to try everything likeI wanted to do everything and I’m stilllike that today next school year atschool I want to do track maybebasketball and I really think playingthem and knowing what a support thesupport from like a team feels like andall that it’s really made me the personthat I am todaythe next question you could change onething about your body what would it beoh my god Queen um I would want like abrain wait yes I actually want like abrain but I would want a brain thatwould like whatever I think of just likeappears in front of me so if I was likethinking of chocolate it would like I’dbe like and then I would just like showup and I would have chocolate I wouldyes I want I want that cuz then I canliterally have everything let’s listenwhat’s with your pink and you make avideo about acting yeah sure of coursethere’s a bunch of things that I wouldlove to make a video about like actingis definitely one of them so that wouldbe SuperDuper fun but yeah I would solove to do a video about acting notawesomehave you ever dyed your hair before umno nexthow at all are you five foot no um fourfoot eleven actually four foot ten and ahalf but I round up yeah I’m short shortalright now it’s time to get into thespeed roundso let’s go what’s your favorite colormy first favorite color is all of themmy second favorite color is gold thirdfavorite color is a brown cucumbers orpickles pickles if your favorite mylittle pony character um spikedo you like peas yes it’s my favoritefood what’s your favorite type of cheeseall of them mixed together waffles orpancakes pan fools waffle waffle cakesor pan poles yeah it’s basically both ofthem mixed together alright how old areyou I am 14 years old I am a freshman inhigh schoolfavorite song it’s really hard um Ireally don’t know I’ve been listening toa lot of songs lately um actuallyselfish by Madison beer I’ve been tryingto sing the riff that she does like thelook the other okay that one um I’vebeen trying to do that one but I stilllove that song I think it’s so great butfavorite probably kazoo kid trap remixfavorite flavor of ice cream a lot ofpeople are gonna hate me for this butchocolate what’s your skin routine Iwash my face I put lotion on oh yeahKaunas makeup cuz I’m really not surebut if it does then lotion yeah okay soI just put the cookies in the oven and Iam very impatient and don’t like waitingso I’m gonna answer these questions onthe trampoline oh yeahah it’s a wonderful day outside okaynext question what was your favoritegreatest oh okayseventh grade is my absolute favoriteFreight at school why four okay okay andthat is because in seventh grade I likemove oh my God look at this Golden Hourbut in seventh grade I moved and I hadto get like accustomed to a new schooland everything I made so many newfriends I had so much fun and I actuallyknow it sounds a little crazy but I likereally looked forward to actually goingto school and then eighth grade camealong and eighth grade was my leastfavorite year of school it was just notgreat but seventh grade all the way Itotally loved itwe’re back inside do you sing I actuallydo sing I also write my own songs andone of them might be coming up soonbut I love writing songs it’s like oneof my favorite things to do and I thinkmusic has been a very huge part of mylife I know it’s like weird cuz it’s nothuman or anything but it’s always likehad my back and been there for me whenno one else couldand Tim goes her performance andeverything whenever I sing my heart outor write a new song based on what I’mfeeling it automatically kind ofamplifies my emotions but at the sametime makes me feel better like I’m sosad but like it’s like a good kind ofsideat least I’m putting my sadness to usethat times so bad it’s weird but yeahI’m so glad that I was introduced tomusic in the first place that I’m amusical type of person cuz it definitelymade me the person I am today and Ihonestly don’t know who I’d be withoutit so yeah and I think I’m gonna do justone more question cuz this video isgetting pretty long so I’ll choose avery very good one ooh do you likecherries I actually don’t know I’m notthe like I’m not a very big fan of themI mean I like the fruit cherries but theflavor is discourse done just stop sorryI literally love everything cherriesthough like my phone is cherry my lockscreen is cherries my life this cherriesI have also been told that I look likeone maybe I do look like a cherrybut with that note we’re gonna concludethis video thank you guys so so much forwatching I’ll make sure to send each oneof you a cookie cuz I have a lot nowplease make sure to subscribe and likethis video and just do whatever makesyou happy because you deserve it I[Music]


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  4. More vids plz!! This is something I look forward to in quarantine rn! And on Friday could I have a shoutout? ‍♀️ bc it my bday!

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