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How to make Yummy Meringue Cookies | Two Ingredients | Cookies Recipe | Ammu’s Yummy Kitchen

Video about how to make Yummy Meringue Cookies (Malayalam). Cooking made Easy

Chef and Voice – Vineetha Sasidharan
Video and Editing – Sasidharan Vijayakumar
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0:00 Intro
0:33 Ingredients
1:17 Preparing Cookies Mix
3:54 Preparing Cookies
6:11 Baking Cookies
7:29 Presenting Meringue Cookies

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Ingredients as follows
Egg White – 1/2 Cup
Powdered Sugar – 1/2 Cup
Food Color – Optional

Utilities used in this video
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English Translation:
Welcome to Ammu’s Yummy Kitchen
Today I am going to prepare Meringue Cookies

We can prepare it easily with two ingredients( Egg and Sugar)

Let’s see how to prepare Meringue Cookies

Ingredients as follows
Egg White – 1/2 Cup (Room Temperature, Dont take it from refrigerator)
Powdered Sugar – 1/2 Cup
Food Color – Optional

With these ingredients, let see how to prepare Meringue Cookies

Take a bowl, make sure its dry and there is no water in it

Add egg white to the bowl

Beat the egg white using beater

Egg white has beaten well

Add sugar little by little and beat it again using beater

Add remaining sugar too and beat it well

mix has beaten well

Make the mix it very thick

Even when you turn the bowl, the mix will not fall

You see small cone like structure when you take out the beater

This is the right consistency

We need to have this mix very thick

I am changing half the mix to different bowl

One bowl with white color and adding color to the second bowl

i am changing half the mix now

I have taken half the mix out

I am adding color and beat it again

Add color as desired

Mix turn pink color

Let’s pour this mix into a piping bag

Place the piping bag inside a wider mug. This will help us to fill

If Piping bag available, you can use that. Otherwise, you can use zip lock cover

I am using flower model tip, Use desire tip

Place the piping bag inside a wider mug

Fill the bag with cookies mix

I have filled the piping bag with cookies mix now

Let’s shape the cookie on a baking tray

Spread oil on the baking tray

Place the butter paper on top of baking tray

Spread the oil on top of butter paper

I have spread the oil

Let’s make the cookie

I have made all the first batch of cookies

I am going to use oven to bake it

In the oven use 200 F for 1 hour and 30 minutes for baking after pre-heat

place the tray in the oven

Second batch is made with mix of white and pink mix, Let’s bake this too

My daughter has prepared the smaller cookies, let’s bake this too

Cookies are ready now

Take it out from the oven

Meringue cookies are ready now

Let me show it

It came out perfectly

Let me break it and show you

My daughter’s cookies has baked and came out perfectly

Let me change this into serving plate

Easy and tasty Meringue Cookies has been ready now

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See you on next video, Bye

Thank you for watching Ammu’s yummy Kitchen

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