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How to Make The Best Sticky Buns of Your life

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So the secret to these sticky buns (which could also be used to make cinnamon rolls) isn’t just the dough or the caramel sauce. It’s actually the tangzhong that we added to the dough. That gives this bread a lofty and super soft and tender crumb. An unbelievable addition to the Holiday weekend or whenever!

Ingredients you’ll need:
1.5 tbsp 15g all purpose flour
1.5 tbsp 20g milk
1.5 tbsp 20g water

2.5 teaspoons (9g)dry yeast
1/2 cup (120ml) lukewarm milk (around 98f/37c)
3 cups (443) all purpose flour
3tbsp (44g) granulated sugar
3/4 teaspoon (2g) fine sea salt
2.5 tbsps 55g water
2 eggs, room temperature
3.5 tablespoons (50g) unsalted butter, softened

5tbsp (70g) Butter gently melted
1/2 cup (125g) dark brown sugar
2.5tsp (5g) cinnamon
Pinch of ground allspice
Pinch of fresh ground nutmeg

1/2 cup (115g) unsalted butter
1/2 cup (115g) packed brown sugar
3 (51g) tablespoons honey
1.25 cups (140g) toasted pecans, crushed

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Video Transcription

okay stay with me here for a second’cimmanon cinnamon cinnamon rolls rightwe know what they argue love themthey’re great but there’s along-forgotten arguably better relativeand it’s ultra thick II I mean sticky yaheard okay so we’re making sticky buntoday like I said very similar to acinnamon roll arguably better it dependsup for me it depends on what mood I’m inand think about it the holidays are hereyou’re chilling you’re kicking backyou’re with your family you know you gotsome days off – we’ll bake somethingdope you know I saw how many you guysmade my dinner rolls on Thanksgivingwhich thank you so much for sending themto me on Instagram if you don’t followme on there already it’s in thedescription you know and here we arewith the dummy thikke stickies we’ll putthat one on the apron one more timecrunch I’m sure they have somethingimportant excuse me ma’am and I’d belike you might be wondering why we’rehere right now first shout out theSquarespace for sponsoring this videoI’m finally building my website afteryears of promising that’s what it tookanyway we’ll talk about it at the endwith that said let’s do this shall we aswith any other instant yeast recipe wemust first bloom our yeast so here we’vegot half a cup or 120 milliliters oflukewarm milk which is around 98 degreesFahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius tempingis always good you know to that you’regonna add two and a half teaspoons ornine grams of instant dry yeast givethat a little mix II mix II and let itjust hang out at room temp with thehomies for about 10 minutes now thiswill be the third time that I haveprofessed my addiction to using a tangsong which is pre gelatinize flour tomake an incredibly lofty piece of breadso you’re literally just gonna combineone and a half tablespoons or 15 gramsof all-purpose flour we’re gonna havetwo tablespoons or 20 mils of milk andone and a half tablespoons or 20 mils ofwater just whisk that together placethat over medium heat and continuouslystir it over that temperature until itthickens you know it looks like this youknow thick with around 12 to 15 C’s nextin the bowl of a stand mixer you’regonna combine three cups are 443 gramsof all-purpose flour 3/4 of a teaspoonor two grams of fine sea salt threetablespoons are forty four grams ofgranulated sugar give that some whiskeybusiness you know get thatincorporated I get you got Darrin’s stayand mixer all set up now of course ifyou don’t want to use the tan mixer youtotally can do this by hand but just beaware that it’s gonna be much moredifficult to incorporate the butter so Ihad to set that a little too fast I I’vebeen producing a lot of tic toc contentand it’s just got me talking in BTW ticktock mode I guess anyway you’re gonnaget your stand mixer setup with thedough hook attachment set it to mediumlow speed and add your bloomed Eastmixture plus two and a half tablespoonsor 55 grams of water then add yourthickened flour mixture a Kate Tang songand two whole room-temperature eggs Icannot emphasize this moreroom-temperature please not chilli boysjust let me sit out for like 20 minutesas you’re getting everything pulledtogether then just let that bad-boy mixfor about 6 minutes on medium low speedtill it starts to look nice and smoothand elastic now for some reason yourdough is looking a little dry you canalways add a tablespoon of water just tokeep it hydrated and once you’ve reachedthat point of smoothness you’re gonnaadd three and a half tablespoons or 50grams of unsalted butter that’s beentotally softened about a tablespoon at atime don’t toss it all in at once it’sjust gonna be horrific to mix that alltogetherso basically toss a tablespoon in let itincorporate toss another tablespoon andlet it incorporate in until all thebutter is in it then let it mix for anadditional five minutes then take yourdough out of your stand mixer bowl morvalet that smooth booty dough I’m sorryand gently shape it into a light balllightly grease a medium large bowl andplop your dough boy in there cover withplastic wrap or a damp towel and let itrise at room temperature for one and ahalf hours our until thoroughly doubledbefore we move on to the next part we’regonna need to prep out our glaze veryeasy in a small pan come on half a cupor 115 grams of butter half a cup or 115grams of packed brown sugar 3tablespoons r51 grams of honey and thenjust place it on the stove or a mediumheat stirring continuously untilthoroughly combined make sure tocontinuously stir so the butter doesn’tsplit then just place it to the side tocool down a little bit so it’s notblazing hot when you add your buns okayso we got our thick boy here this partseasier than you think first give yourdough a little love nice Pat nice littlekiss and then just punch that boy downright back into the ground where youcame from then lightly floured worksurface dump your dough out on it coveryour dough with a damp cloth and let itrest for 10 minutes after it’s nap timelightly dust the surface of the dough aswell as the underside one more time thenusing a rolling pin you’re going to rollyour dough out into a 20 inch long recwhich will be about a quarter of an inchthick it should look something like thiseverybody tries to be perfect whenyou’re doing this really you know don’tdon’t overthink it so once you’ve gotyour rectangle you’re going to brush theentire surface with five tablespoons or70 grams of gently melted butter makesure this stuff isn’t blazing hototherwise you’re gonna kill the yeastand yes you are gonna use all the butterif you’re like oh my gosh this seemslike so much butter will that good goodyou’re then gonna make your cinnamonsugar by combining half a cup or 125grams of packed dark brown sugar 2 and1/2 teaspoons or 5 grams of groundcinnamon a small pinch of groundallspice and a small pinch of freshground nutmeg mix that together and thensprinkle it on top of your entirebuttered surface edge to edge just leaveabout a quarter of an inch of a borderor so around the dough once you’ve usedall the sugar make sure all the butterthen tightly roll up the dough from thebottom all the way to the toplightly seal the top if you can trim offabout a half an inch on both sides bringthe dough sneck together a little bitand then you’re gonna cut that doughwith a nice serrated knife 2 inchintervals to total out at nine equalbuns then in a greased 9 by 9 inchsquare baking pan you’re gonna add yoursticky caramel glaze in the bottom thensprinkle in one and a quarter cup or ahundred and forty grams of toastedcrushed pecans yeah I know it’s weirdjust trust me then arrange your doughequally spaced apart in rows of three inyour pan on top of all that good stuffthen cover that with a damp towel andlet it rise at room temperature for 45minutes to an hour or until doubled insize then place it in your oven at 350degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 35 minutesor until the tops are beginning to brownyou can see that caramelized bitbubbling at the bottom okay so this ismy favorite part now look at those thickboys they’re just beautiful now firstlet that sit at room temperature forabout 5 to 7 minutes and then once it’ssetmake sure loosen the buns off there sodon’t stick and then invert it onto aplate or a serving tray or whatever pullthat off and then just watch the magicthat it’s just so beautiful it should benice and caramelized on the bottom youjust made the stickiest dum iyastickiest buns I’m starting to soundlike a modern-day dr. Seuss right nowbro but do you want to know what it elsesounds like a modern-day dr. Seussb-roll[Music]alright guys and that is it so sorry okI promise you guys haven’t talked aboutit at the end so I’m tired of you guysmaking fun of me because my Instagrambio has said website coming soon fromold news so I teamed up with Squarespaceto finally do the darn thing Squarespacegives people a beautiful and powerfulwebsite builder you know what as amatter of fact I’ll give you a littlesneak peek at the website you can choosefrom tons of designers and award-winningtemplates these are created with thetypical browser and mobile apps in mindso it makes their templates not onlybeautiful but modern you know over halfof my audience is mostly on their mobilephone and each Squarespace website hasits own built in mobile website perfectfor browsing your website on well aphone so if you go to Squarespace commbackslash b-roll that’s right you willget a free trial and 10% off your firstpurchase from me and Squarespace to youwe love you we kiss you many kissesthank so sticky buns we done gonna needthem they were great they’re stickythey’re chewy their bread almost briochelike dough just splits the seams at themere sight of your mouth that does notsound good it’s the holiday season if II hope to see you guys making a lot ofthis because this is really not thathard it’s a great step away from thewhole cinnamon roll everybody’s alwaysmaking cinnamon rolls for me too youdon’t be scared aprons are coming soon Iappreciate the support I appreciate thelove I appreciate the aside and Iappreciate you so with all that said ifyou enjoyed this video or you learnsomething leave a like subscribe and Iwill see you next time[Music]

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  4. Growing up in the Philadelphia area, sticky buns were my favorite. That was over 75 years ago. Just made these and they equal the ones I used to get at the bakery there. Thanks for the recipe Joshua.

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