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How to make some chocolate chip cookies

So hope you enjoy making some chocolate chip cookies it was a pleasure to show you how to make some cookies.don’t forget to like and subscribe and turn on the post notification bell for you to be always updated for my new videos

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Video Transcription

[Music]for my second video here in my newchannel guys so if you haven’t seen myfirst video for please go back and lookfor that first okay so yeah so imma dosome chocolate chipsas I was saying on my first video in mychannel so first I’m going to show youthe ingredients you’ll be needing somechocolate chips brown sugar 2 eggsvanilla salt baking soda flour butterand sugar white sugar so I’m gonna tellyou how many like cups or grams I don’tknow but I’m just gonna tell you ok so Ihad two cups for this so I made one cupfirst and then another cup and and putit all inside next for this was 2 cups -so same for the chocolate chip after 3the butter was just 1 cup so when likethis for the salt was 1/2 cup yeah halfa cup this we’re gonna for that sugarthere for the vanilla I had 1 teaspoonI mean 2 teaspoon of vanilla extract andthen for the salt I got just oneteaspoon and for the baking powder I gotone teaspoon also and for the brownsugar I got right we’re the silver I gotone big one1 cup so first time I’ve been eatingjust one over imma get the mixer nowmixer here so first we are going to putthe butterwait just a minute I’m just gonna get aspatula spatula I’m gonna put next we’regoing to put on the white sugar on thebrown brown sugar I’m sorryyou figured out here mucky brown sugarmakes the brown sugar we will mix oh[Music]wait sorry it’s not on it I’m just goingslowly guys with the sugar[Music][Music][Music]okay so now I’m going to go to use sonext we are going to pour on two eggs sofirst I’m going to get this ball where Ithink the brown sugar was inside but Ican just put it there and make surethere’s no nothing like this and thenpour itnext we are going to get the vanillawait or is this one and we’re going tomix it was your gut that it’s not[Music][Music]so next we’re getting another cup I meananother just wait for other whoa now I’mgoing to put the flower inside next weare going to put the salt and it’s inhigh and then next I mean so first hereThanksthen the powder and guys of course youwash your hand I didn’t say that sorrybut I did wash my hand next you aregoing to put this um not fast but Idon’t really not to tell it so just yeahjust put it a little bit not all becausewe’re going to do it step by step[Music]I think imma be just like if you’remixing with me and start to put all youjust decide but just slowly so even ifyou’re using the spatula don’t go asfastso I’m not wasted it’s really like adull I come back in fiveoh sorry five minutes so I’m just gonnaum continue with this week is startingto be a little bit hard[Applause]sorry guysso now we will add the chocolate chipsoh you see those guys you need to takeit off i mean i need oh baby i say guysjust to see another one that’s reallyman we just continue actually guysanything was just sticking up so i’mgonna do it with this i’m just going tocontinue with that later when i feelI think that’s greatso um in every thing that you do whenyou bake some things you always need totry it for a stretch so let us try justa little and look at it and let us bonelet’s go start a little ooh wait achocolate chip sorryreally good guys now we let it cool for5 minutes or yeah5 minutes sorry I need to take that offis that’s a wasteokay so see you in five minutesit’s of you already like I don’t knowhow many so I already put in my hand youcan mix it like this for now and youwill start doing some like wait thisnormally you don’t really do both but Iwant to try so yeahyou can’t put good put it in scoops andI just wanted you to leave me my hair sowhen it will be cooked it would be morejust don’t do it really bigOhso until you finish until here I thinkis never gonna do care it’s not gonna befit so this is the finish okay I justeat itthis is a finished look oh yes oh goodyou’re sick a little problems because Icall my my god comment like and commentand subscribe bye

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