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Learn how to make slice and bake cookies with the little spirits in them from In/Spectre.

Emily is the author of Cooking With Anime on Crunchyroll, the food blog Penguin Snacks, and loves to teach people how to make their favorite anime foods.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys and welcome back my battery’sabout to ran out so we go very quicklybut today we’re making some slice andbake cookies from the anime inspectorthere are these little spirits that arelike little mascots and we’re gonna tryto put them inside of a cookie so let’sdo itso I’ve drawn myself a little templatehere for what I want the cookie to looklike and I’m gonna try to follow it asclosely as possible so breaking it downwe’re gonna do the top half of the headfirst so you need to roll out some doughit doesn’t really matter how thick thethicker the better because the last timeis you have to do this cut a slice offat the bottom so you’ve got a clean edgeand then you’re going to use a circlecutter that’s the size of the full headof the little spirit dude and you’regonna use half of that cutter to make atthe top of the head of this littlecreature so cut your slices pull themout and then you’re gonna stack them upand this is we’re gonna make this into along log and this is what’s going to bethe top half of the head when you’redone just set that aside and let’s moveon to the teeth so roll out some more ofthat just white dough and get a littletriangle cutter and cut out sometriangles and stack them up they need tobe as long as the top of the head thatyou made so keep that in mind you wantto keep these pieces thick stack them upand flatten out the edges then using abig knife you’re just gonna cut alongthat stack until you’ve got one giantrow of teeth basically you’re gonna setthese aside in the freezer but thistriangle stick that you work so hard onyou don’t need anymore so go ahead andsmush it back up and we’ll use thatdough for another part let’s move on tomaking the eyes this is what we’re doinghere so you need just a little piece ofblack dough and you’re gonna roll it outif you have a clay extruder you can usethis to get the shape of eyes that youwant I have a half of a clay extruderand I don’t know where the other halfwent so I did it by just rolling itlike this to make sure that it was evenall the way through if you just roll itwith your hand your hand obviously isn’tcompletely flat so your eye roll won’tturn out flat so I just used this benchscraper and again you want to make it aslong as the first log of of head wasonce they’re done I’ll line them up andwe’re going to stick them in the freezernow let’s work on the mouth so the mouthis a half circle shape so just like wemade the top half of the head we’regonna do the exact same thing with themouth but using a circle cutter that isthe appropriate size use your templateto help guide your choices and circlecutters in this case I’m using thebottom of a piping tip because it wasthe size that was most similar for me goahead and set that aside once you’ve gotit all stacked up we’re now gonna startassembling and we need to put the eyesinto the top half of the head if youneed to use a little bit of water justto wet down the surface so it sticks youcan do that but line them up I used thecircle the piping tip kind of to help meguide where I wanted to put the eyesjust right over the mouth so if you needto you can make a little indent into theside of your head like on one end oranother just to see where that mouth isgonna say and then place the eyes alongeither side of it we are then gonna workto just fill in the empty spaces aroundthe eyes and on top of the eyes to makesure they’re all sealed in there anddon’t get smooshed[Music]once you’re done is set this aside andyou can smooth out any rough edges thatyou want to push everything togethermake sure it’s sticking and we’re gonnamove on to of the mouse we need to putthe teeth in the mouth so I’m justcutting a very shallow slit down oneside of the mouth and we’ll do the sameon the other side too when you’ve got itopen all the way you’re just gonna putin those teeth point side down this is avery finicky process my original goal isto have the full kind of like strip ofteeth that I could just lay in veryeasily but it’s not quite that easybecause of the way that we cut the mouthout so do your best it doesn’t look likeit’ll be that great at this point but itdoes it does look good once you actuallyslice it open so have faith we’re thengonna put the mouth upside down or inthis case right side up onto the doughlog that we’ve got going so far smoothout any edges and then we’re going touse the remainder of our white dough oralmost all of the rest all right now tofill in the gaps around the mouth andmake it into a complete circle just foldyour dough over you can of course cutout the bottom half of the circle withthe original like circle cutter that weuse for the top half of the head but Ijust thought it would be easier to laythat dough over and it is easier it isless specific or less accurate though sokeep that in mindthat it won’t turn out as perfect asmaybe if you used a circle cutter atthis point I’ve been working on this fortwo hours and I was really bored so thelast thing I’m doing is attaching thelittle kind of like horn or like spiritfloof at the top of a head and I’m justusing my fingers to shape this into atriangle shape and then I’m gonna befilling in the edges around it withblack dough just so it doesn’t getsmushed down as I fill the outer part ofthe cookie out finally you are going towrap the entire thing in cookie doughthis should be black cookie dough I usedchocolate or cocoa powderto make it brown before I use black dyeto make it black and this saves you wanta lot of dye and also doesn’t make ittaste quite so so chemical in the end[Music]smooth the whole thing out and youshould be able to roll it because itshould be more or less a log shape andthen you’re just going to wrap it up andstore it in the freezer for about twohours before you slice it just to makesure that the shapes come out perfectlyand this is what it looks like allsliced up[Music]this is what they look like all baked upnow let’s take a look at the same cookieagain for making the other spirit I’mgonna put this whole thing on speed modeI do pretty much the exact same stepslet’s take a lookand this is what this one looks like allcut upokay guys this is the final product Iwant you to take a look at the both ofthem together I did manage to save thefirst batch of cookies to show you whatthey look like together I think they’rereally really cute so let’s go over andsee how they taste okay guys we’re backmy battery’s still running out butthey’re here they’re done they’re reallycuteI made these ones first like two daysago and I have to say I think mytechnique got better as I went on but itwas definitely really fun to try to dothis the shape is pretty likegeometrical so it was easy to break downand kind of put in and like put it intoplace so if you’ve got a lot of timewith patience you can do this yourselfthey taste really good it’s just like ayour typical kind of like sugar cookietaste but they’re really yummy if youespecially feel like plain cookies orcookies to put in teen might be I’m justgonna run out so I’m gonna go I’ll talkto you guys later if you like this videomake sure to hit that like buttonsubscribe if you want to tell me whatelse I should put in a cookie because Iwant to perfect this skill that I haveI’ll see you guys later bye[Music]hey oh oh while you’re on my end screenmake sure to hit that subscribe button Ialso have a second channel that I’msharing with Sara because we’re movingto Japan so see the link in my bio forthat channel and go over there andsubscribe – see you later bye[Music]

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