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How To Make Oatmeal Cookies | Good Eats #47 | Bassdropkeys

In this video I show you how to make oatmeal cookies.Thank you for watching.
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Video Transcription

what’s good bass drop militia bass drop
cheese here I’m your friendly
neighborhood negro and welcome to
another episode of good eats in today’s
video i’m gonna show you how to make
oatmeal cookies let’s go ahead and get
into it let’s do it alright so let’s get
into this as always if you want the
entire recipe click the link that’s in
the description of the video is going to
take you to my cannabis food blog
good eats 4/20 calm it’ll give you all
the ingredients all the directions and
the video and everything right there on
the cannabis food blog so let’s go ahead
and get into this the first thing that
you want to do is you want to take your
flour you want to take your baking soda
and your salt and put it in a bowl mix
that together sit it to the side now you
want to pre-heat your oven at 350
degrees Fahrenheit that’s 175 degrees
Celsius 350 degrees Fahrenheit 175
degrees Celsius you’re going to grease
your cookie sheets not normally in the
past cookie videos we did not grease
them on this particular one you are
going to grease your your cooking sheets
so what we’re gonna do now is once you
have that combined and I’m Bowl started
up to decide what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna take a large bowl we’re
gonna put our butter in here if you want
to make this more potent you can use
cannabutter this is just regular butter
one cup or two sticks we’re gonna take
white sugar put it in there also we’re
going to take our brown sugar and put it
in there as well also I’m putting the
can of oil in there that’s how we’re
medicating our cookies is by putting our
oil in there as well now once you do
that you want to go ahead and take your
mixer using a hand mixer right here
you’re gonna go ahead and cream that
together once you do that one at a time
you want to take your eggs crack them
open one at a time put them in there mix
it together and also after you do the
eggs you know you want to do your
vanilla or vice versa doesn’t matter
which one do you do those just make sure
that you put your eggs in the vanilla in
and combine that together now that flour
baking soda and salt make sure that we
put to the side now that’s when this is
gonna come into play go ahead and a
little bit at a time go ahead and put
this in and you don’t we’re through the
mixer you’re gonna use a spoon or you
see what I’m doing I have a silicone
tube in right here and that’s what we’re
using my silicone spatula excuse me and
that’s what we’re using to actually mix
this together a little bit at a time a
little bit at a time and just mix it all
together until you have that well
now at this point this is oatmeal
cookies this is where our oats are gonna
come in
you also could put chocolate chips
raised some pecans in there if you want
to those are totally optional what’s not
optional is your hopes if we’re doing
oatmeal you got to have your oat so I’m
putting my oatmeal inside of here three
cups is what this is as I told you if
you want the full recipe click that link
in the description it’ll take you right
over you’ll see the full recipe but
you’re gonna go ahead and start putting
in your oats put in your oatmeal stir
that together with the with the silicone
spatula you can medicate it by using
Kennan butter can of oil can of salt
there’s a lot of ways that you can
medicate this we’re using can oil to
medicate ours so back to our cookies so
now once you have our your oats in and
you have it the consistency that you
now if you want your your cookies to be
like more flat and like regular looking
okay oatmeal cookies you want to leave
your your dough a little moist but if
you want them to be like crunchy on the
outside and fluffy on the on the inside
what you want to do is you want to make
your dough like a little drier so if you
need to add more flour to your dough
that’s fine make sure that it’s a little
dry so that whenever you’re using your
tablespoon to actually you know spoon
out your cookies so that you can make
them you know somewhat uniform it’s
gonna make them like I said really soft
on the inside and crunchy on the outside
so everything mixed together all we have
to do now just take our tablespoon like
I see it start actually spooning out the
the balls the cookie dough we’re gonna
make them into balls and just set them
on our greased cooking sheet and I
remember in the past videos for cookies
we did not agree to our cookie sheet but
on this one we actually are okay you
just take a napkin take some oil put it
on the tray now this cooking sheet and
just you know spread up and down it’s
really simple so we’re gonna put them in
the the oven that’s hot preheated oven
once again 350 degrees Fahrenheit 175
degrees Celsius and nine to eleven
minutes in my particular oven eleven
minutes was perfect when they’re
starting to be golden brown
take him out let him cool five minutes
on the cooking sheet that you want
moving to your wire rack I let them cool
completely from you know 15 minutes is
fine and then you can move into you know
whatever you know basket or Bowl drivers
that you in a storm that’s totally up to
you but that’s all that you need to do
this recipe right here I made 75 cookies
with this particular recipe I really
enjoyed these cookies can you break it
open you could tell fluffy they are on
the inside and it really does have a
crunch on the outside so I really really
enjoy these cookies right here
oatmeal cookies are great you know maybe
next time we can do some like oatmeal
peanut butter cookies or something like
that I hope that you guys enjoyed this
video if you have any questions as
always please just put them in the
comment section
I would definitely answer anything that
you have make sure you check out all the
other goodies videos that we have on the
channel I appreciate all the support
from everybody until next time guys

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