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How To Make NO Bake Nutella Cookies

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Video Transcription

I’m going to show you how to make nobaked Nutella cookies ingredients aresix cups of oatmeal three and a halfcups of sugar one cup of Nutella one cupof milk 1 cup of butter four teaspoonsof vanilla and eight tablespoons ofcocoa powderin a pan melt your butteronce your butter is melted add in yoursugar whoa and your cocoa powder andyour milk make sure to keep constantlystiranswer all mixed in bring it to arolling boil for one minute is a rollingboil constantly stir it so it doesn’tburn once it is done boiling for oneminute take it off the heat and add inyour vanilla and your new topthen mix itnow add in your own then stir until itis all combinedoops I got caught once it is all mixedin it should look something like thismmm delicious now get a spoon or a scoopand scoop the cookie onto parchmentpaper or wax papernow enjoy the since it’s Easter we addedsome jelly beans to make it look likeeggs in a nestitdid you go I can’t hear it I’m gonnashow you how to bake no bake that’s notokay I’m gonna show you how to make thisis a rolling boilwhat now grab a scoop is good now we’redone it’s time to enjoy sorry that wasterribleyou

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