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How to make Melting Moment Cookies, Biscuits at Home Made Melting Moment Cookies, Bakery at home

This video teaches and shows how to make Melting Moments (Butter Cookies) Melting Moment Cookies, Biscuits at Home in few easy steps. – Deliciously soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth cookies that are infused with vanilla, super easy to make, and only requires 5 simple ingredients!
Jabbaaz Home Kitchen is trying to help people to Cook Traditional / Village / New Restaurant Recipes Style recipes from all over globe at Home in few Easy steps. This YouTube Channel publishes cooking videos of different type of recipes such as Indian Food recipes, Turkish Food recipes, Mexican Food recipes, Arabic Food recipes etc. Also dessert and breakfast recipes. Food is necessary for life and good food brings positive vibes in life. Ya Al Razzaaqo provide Rizq and keep Baraakah in the Rizq. Enjoy the cooking and share the joy.
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