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How to make keto Cookies. Low Carb Cookies. Only 6 grams of Carbs.

Please join me on my journey as I work out and share my diets and fitness with you. Learn about different workouts you can try or how to cook healthy alternatives to your favorite foods. Work out your macros so you can build your diet.

We can do this together, lose weight, build muscle, feel healthy, and look good.

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Lakey Inspired – Chill Day

Equipment Used

Nikon D3200 DSLR

Panasonic DMC-FZ330

Amazon Basic Tripod

Depusheng A2 Professional Shotgun Interview Microphone

HD Waterproof Action Camera


USN Muscle Fuel

C4 Pre Work Out


Video Editor – Davinci Resolve (Open Source)
Screen Recorder – OBS Studio (Open Source)

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Video Transcription

isozyme deformation W fitness and todayI’m gonna show you guys how to make ketochocolate chip cookies so somethingcould cheat day maybe let’s see okay inthis video today okay we’re going to beusing a little bit of soy milk somebaking powder for large free-range eggssome unsalted butter chocolate chipsvanilla extract organic coconut flourorganic coconut sugar and a little bitof avocado oil okay so let’s get thisstarted so first of all gonna sift insomewhat kind of coconut flour[Music]next about one and a half teaspoons ofbaking powder[Music][Music]just got 50 grams coconut sugar[Music]the pinch of salt[Music]go hundred grams of melted butterfor Forex[Music]and then we’re just gonna mix all thattogether just gonna mix all this up[Music]probably do this in the food mixer aslong[Music]smells like poop your honor so that’sthe good thing- so you’re not[Music]a teaspoon of vanilla extract[Music]- it available in herenow again just whisk that up[Music]he’s gonna put the chocolate chipstraight in but if I do that I want toget some consistency so I’m gonna rollthe cookies out and then put thechocolate chips it so that each PHP iscrate to the oven to 375 degreesFahrenheit 490 degrees Celsius okaylet’s pop these in the oven and see howthey turn up and let’s see where we’reout here okay they definitely look likecookies just get more fairor our keto cookies all right so let’stry one of these bad boys out that’s mylittle tree though for now and I do notto feel guilty there 168 calories eachand only six and a half grams ofcarbohydrates it’s gotta be another keyto thumbs up for me but if you guys havebeen trying out my recipes please putsome comments down below and tell meabout it Howard it go for you or evenshare some recipes and I’ll cook one ofthem on my channel okay guys I hope youenjoyed the recipe today please commentbelow hit that like button and pleasesubscribe ok guys so I’ll see you nexttime all right take careCheers this video is sponsored by myvitamins calm please check thedescription below and you’ll get 50% offyour first order[Music][Applause]you[Applause]

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