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How to Make Ginger Cookies##gingercookies #kidscooking #lailalebleu #kidsbaking

5 year old Laila learns how to make ginger cookies using this recipe from the link below. Mom helps her to add some shredded ginger used to make ginger beer from before.

Have fun watching!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome to lay low so remember to pressthe button down below subscribe to theblue channel watching so what are youmaking today Leila okay tell me what yougot we have huh yes so and then we haveground cloves and then we have someginger yeah and then you have somecinnamon and then we have some bakingsodaand then he has them ginger so we havesome water and then you have somemolasses butter all right those are allingredientsokay all right okay all of our dryingredients all right so do we get thisum just pour them into the bowl this oneno all this small ingredients rightthere just pour them into the flour yesyeah salt to dryit’s and now see ground some ground okayclose excellentmake sure you get it all I’m not wastinga bit you don’t need to worry okay it’sall done all right I gave it a littletap and so we are going to cream ourbutter and sugar together all right allright go aheadgood job and now what are you going toadd to thatgood job and now we’re going to sit thisdown we’re going to block it you lockedit good I just did and then you’re goingyou want to scrape that little butteroff the edge there no minethere you go and now you’re going topull this to about number fourthat’s what I don’t know you know eitherit is that safe or not they’re creamingtogether you’re the next stop is to addin your[Music]good job do you want to scrape that outwith a spatula what did you say yes sonow you need to beat in your head alittle bit more but scrape down yoursides scrape down your sides yeah do weput this upyeah put thatgo down on your mixer for a bit put iton like stir thank you sirso wet sir come down huh come down toknocking there you go right thereyep y’all add in your molasses[Music]all right well then you’re going tospecula to scrape that okay goso you just did what what did you add Iam fat floweryou don’t want to overwork your dough sogo ahead and add a little bit more pickthe head upwell you have to allow me to help youyou can use your scoop to pick up someadd a little bit more[Music]I’m gonna work that in for a little bitput it on stir you want to kind ofscrape down scrape down with yourspatulaMiwa yep Falls it you don’t overworkyour dough then put some more flour allright so what do you got looks like Idon’t have taking off the dough becausewhat we want all of the dough oh and Iam going to show you how to roll theseinto bone so what I’m taking these outso hold on guys and but stay watchingstay looking this is small big gulps ohgoodness do is sing remain big yeah[Music]this is crazy I’m gonna have to do yourchores[Music][Music]Wow 3:10 a good job thank you so thisshape so we just finished and she’sdoing the the cookies but we’re gonnalet a little bit more stay and put theminto the fridge for tomorrow so we couldput a shake and so the shape I’m doingis an apple on these one on this one sohere we go go get the stickman always make opening guys always makeit opening this kind of clean it up justgotta clean it up if you want to see mecleaning it always put it in you gotcleaner on here too and you got acleaner all the spaces clean it clean itput it in some bit set it down so nobodyyou can see that and then not how Ishowed youvery nice alright stay tuned guys forthe final result yep so we’re done withthe cookies and this is how it lookslike this is one and then this is mymom’s we get let me get this I look goodyou don’t have to pick it up and thecookies are still warming but I’m justgonna take this to tell me how it tastesso it tastes good you want more allright well thank you everybody forwatching until next time bye[Music]

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