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How to make ginger cookies!!!!!

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Video Transcription

hey everybody and welcome back to thechannel fun you don’t know me my name’samber Taylor and today I’m going to bemaking junior cookies with my friendstoday is going to be a tutorial thingI’m just gonna be making them and havingfun eating them so let’s get on with thevideo3/4 of a cup of butter 1 cup of whitegranulated sugar 1 large egg 1/4 of acup of molasses 2 and 1/4 cup ofall-purpose flour 2 teaspoons of groundginger 1 teaspoon of baking soda 3/4 ofa teaspoon of ground cinnamon 1/2 of ateaspoon of ground cloves 1/4 of ateaspoon of salt so the first thingyou’re going to want to do is take yourbutter and your sugar dump them in abowl and then take a mixer like this oryou use your hand parties or hands andused to cream up until it’s light andfluffy so so you take a spoon and youscoop the butter outthere we go that’s beautiful so then wecream it thank you we creamed and thebutter and sugar and now we put in theegg now you add in 1/4 of a cup ofmolasses[Music]okay so you need to combine the flourginger baking soda cinnamon cloves andsalt in another Bowl[Music]X just mix all those ingredients in thatbowl[Music]next mix the dry ingredients into thewet ingredients slowly while mixinga finished product should look like sonext we just need to make it into littleballs about two inches apart and thisshould be about one and a half inchesthick and so now let’s just get bakingwhat the finished project should looklike if it doesn’t then you have aproblem I’m just kiddingbut this is what it should look like andyes before it gets baked so then we’rejust gonna pop it right into the ovenyou[Music]

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