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how to make fake Christmas cookies

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Video Transcription

hi and welcome back to Lily’s CookingChannel um today we’re going to becooking some Christmas cookies myfavorite so what you need is you’regoing to need a pan um slice and bakecookie dough you’re going to need yournanny’s spoon and a knife to chop thecookies now my normal recipe is easyish now you’re gonna put these inside Icook it now if I were you get a new panbefore I do this if I was me which I amme um I will grab something to use yeahum so first what you need to do is youtake some cookie dough out of your thinglook hip open it when you take somecookie dough out have your sincerethis is my pinky toe I need to grab myknife that’s my spoon my knife and andchop it up hold on you can’t use yourpant can you use a chop my cutting boardnow that I have my cutting board whichis nice and clean you have to clean ourfirst I’m going to move the pan on theway take the cookie and you can chop itup but into slices so like this is onecookie and sometimes and it alreadycomes like kind of sliced and packagedso it’ll like kind of a slice butthere’s still something you have toslice in the middle now with my cookingshow I like to slice them evenly insteadof like having one big pinky and onesmall cookie I slice them easilyum so I’m just gonna start piling thecooking dome right there- my sisterI’m not going to tell you to take top sonow that you can have your cookies allchopped up you can seat your board whichis your tray and you’re going to put thecookies on one by oneand I’m putting them on twice at thesame time because I have barely any timein my video yeah there’s 6 plus 6 is 12oh by the way before you do all thisplease wash your hands and while youhave done that your oven should havebeen preheating to 350 and no way backon that and you’re gonna take yourcookie dough anyone put it in the ovenand it’s gonna bake and I will see youwhen the baking is doneall righty it’s been in a couple minutesum your back bar here see okay look atthe baking is done and the cookies lookgood um so I’m gonna take them out andwe can decorate them who can I help yasafety firstall right now that we’ve got the cookiesout of the oven and that we’ve got thecookies out of the oven we can let themcool and then we will um I guess makehoney decorations and make some fooditems all right the cookies have cooleda lot they’re not burning my fingers whydid you get back in the zone okay okaywe’re gonna move back closer to the sidelet me take your bowl okay um becausethese come with a bit of separatingmixture in the bottom so you can justdump that in and we’re going to set thecookie mixtures on the plate um I’mgonna put these on here and I help andlet me put these in my magical microwavethese are my magical microwave and nowthey should be good to just put on thetop and and I’m going to get back to youwhen they are all iced um

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