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How to Make Easter Blessings Cookies

Easter is one of my favorite times to decorate cookies – celebrating the blessings of the season! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to STENCIL three beautiful Easter cookies perfect for your Easter celebrations! I’ll show you step-by-step how to make the He is Risen Cookie and the drop flowers used to embellish it, the Cross cookie, and the Easter Blessings Flower. I also take some time in this tutorial to show unsuccessful stenciled cookies. We often learn best from our mistakes! So take a look at the impact the color of icing can have on the readability of a stenciled cookie.

Want an icing color guide, the cookie yield, or a cookie decorating plan? Check out the Easter Blessings tutorial KIT page to buy the kit and get bonus info to make these cookies! The kit not only has the 3 essential cutters and 3 stencils, but it also has a few bonus tips and tools! Find in our shop here –

BEFORE you jump in, check out our Cookie Decorating 101 Tutorial for cookie and icing recipes and tips –

It would make me so happy if you recreated these cookies! Be sure to share photos and tag @theflourboxshop or use the hashtag #theflourbox. Happy Decorating!

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Video Transcription

hi guys it’s a New York’s from theflower box and today we are makingEaster blessings cookies and I’m reallyexcited about this project because itshows three different stencils and aspecial D tip and all of these essentialcutters and stencils can be found in thenew Easter blessings cookie decoratingkit on flower box comalso today I’m going to show you somesuccessful stenciled cookies but I’mgoing to show you some unsuccessfulstencil cookies sometimes we learn bestfrom our mistakes and I’ll show you howicing color really matters when you’restenciling on your cookies so let’s cookit up I’m going to start this tutorialwith the Easter flour cookie and we’regonna stencil the Easter blessings onthis cookie so this is the Lila LauraRose I’m just outlining the icing areaswith piping icing and tip number two andnow I’m going back in with my icing bagand I’m flooding in with a 10 secondicing you can find our royal icingrecipe on firebox calm notice howgenerous I am with the icing I don’tleave a lot of cookie showing nowbecause we’re stenciling on this cookieit’s important to let the base icing dryfor about six hours before we put anypressure on the surface of the cookieand then I’m just going to put an anchorfinger on the cookie and slide thisstiff icing across the surface of thestencil so I just want to make sure I’mcovering all of those stenciled areasand then I want to lift and peel backthe stencil to reveal the Easterblessings message now I can flood in theleaves and I’ll let those dry and that’sa quick dry because it’s a small icingarea thirty minutes in front of the fanand then I’m ready to add some pipedetails just to give the illusion ofsome flower petals the black icing makesthe Easter blessings message reallyeasily readable especially on multiplecolored backgrounds like the gold oralso the purple it has a nice contrastbetween those background colors just tomake it super easy to read and thisbeautiful cookie comes together prettyeasy and it’s done the background colorwith the stenciled icing really doesmatter because if they’re too similarlike the peach and the purple it’s alittle bit harder to read it doesn’tlook as consistent so I tested out acouple of cookies with the icing colorsthat we’re using in this set and theyjust weren’t as successful maybe themost successful is the purple and theyellow because it has the most contrasteven the white icing it looks pretty butit’s tricky to read those words soultimately when we’re stenciling oncookies we want people to be able toread what they say notice how mucheasier it is to read the black on thebackgrounds now let’s take a look at thecross cookie and this is one of myfavorite designs that I actually madelast Easter and I’m including it as partof this kit because it is simplybeautiful and emphasis on the simple Ilove cookies that come together prettyeasy so I have a flooded whitebackground and gold icing in my pipingbag and I have tip number two on mypiping bag and I’m just piping linesnotice how I’m matching the lines upwith some of the peaks and curves fromthe edge of the Cross cookie that justmakes my cookie consistent from cookie -cookie once I have my lines on there I’mready to add some icing flowers nowthese icing flowers they need to be madein advance and I used tip number 129 Iusually make them the day before Idecorate just because they’re ready togobut even if you let them dry five or sixhours you can still use them that sameday they just need a little drying timeso you don’t smush them I use thickicing and I keep the tip vertical and Ijust twist the wrist to get those cutelittle flowers andand I add a dot of icing using tipnumber two and that completes the flowerwhile that icing is still wet I’m justgonna use those wet lines and I’m gonnastick those flowers right on to thecenter of the cross and it just createsthis beautiful little cluster of flowersand now I’m going to add some tinyleaves I’m using a mini tip number 349so you can add those little mini leavesusing the avocado pacing now for ourfinal cookie this is a variation of acookie design that I’ve done in the pastbut I’ve added a little bit more detailsto the cookie and I really loved how itturned outso I’m using the large square plaque andI’ve outlined the base and the avocadogreen and now I outlined and I’mflooding the top with my white icing andI’m getting this ready so I can airbrushand stencil on the cookie[Music]because we’re gonna be stenciling withicing as well as with our airbrush I didlet that background dry for six hoursjust because after we airbrush we’regoing to put a little pressure on thesurface but first I’m going to use mychef master gold and I’m justairbrushing that gold sunburstbackgroundI applied one layer of color and now Iwant it to be a little bit brighter soI’m just gonna add a second layer of thegold color just to make those rays niceand brightnow that the airbrushing is done we canflood in that lower section we justdidn’t want the airbrush color to be inthe green so we fled the white andairbrushed the white and then we’reready to flood in the lower greensection and you can let that dry for 30minutes to an hour in front of a fanjust to get that crusted over we don’twant that to den while we’re stencilingthat he has risen so I’m going to applythe purple icing to my scraper I have myanchor finger in place and I’m ready tojust slide that icing over the stenciland make sure it’s completely covered Ido want to remove the excess when Iremove the excess it just makes itpossible to reuse that stencil a bunchof times before having to clean it andthen I peel back that stencil realcarefully to reveal that he is risen andit just looks awesome with thosesunburst rays coming out from behind itso we’re almost done with this cookiewe’re just gonna use some of ourpre-made flowers and I’m just using abunch of the different colors and I’mgluing those on witha bit of icing and then with my tip 349I’m gonna go in and add those cutelittle mini leaves to give this just anew beginnings a spring look it justlooks so awesome thank you so much forwatching today’s tutorial I hope youenjoyed learning more about stencilingand how to make these Easter blessingscookies if you’re looking for moredetails check out the new blog post thatgoes with this kit it has an icing colorguide and more details about how to makethese cookies I would be so flattered ifyou recreated these cookies so if youmake them definitely tagged at theflower box shop or hashtag the flowerbox shop I’d love to see what you makeand as always happy decoratingyou[Music]

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