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How to make delicious chocolate chip cookies with Meysun

in this video i will show you how to make wonderful chocolate chip cookies with an easy recipe that anyone will enjoy, and anyone can make!!!
this recipe does not need any special ingredients or even chocolate chips (you can use regular chocolate that you can chop yourself)
you can be creative and add any amount of chocolate or you can pour cocoa in the dough.
But please, do remember to put it into the fridge before cooking for at least an hour or even overnight. After one or more hours in the fridge they will harden and you can bake them all, or you can freeze them for another time.

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Video Transcription

if you want to make delicious chocolatechip cookies like this keep watching heyguys assalamualaikum welcome back toanother video today I’m gonna be doinganother video and today I’m gonna beshowing you how to make chocolate chipcookies and for this written for thisrecipe you will need these things firstyou will need first you will need onewhole egg and one yo and then you willneed chopped up chocolate and then 20 to125 grams of sugar 125 grams of unsaltedbutter and then you will need 200 and250 grams of flour10 grams of vanilla sugar 5 grams ofbaking powder 1 teaspoon of baking sodaand 1 teaspoon of saltso guys right now we are gonna be mixingthe dry ingredients and you will bemixing all the dry ingredients into theflour so first I’m gonna be making ahole like this just like a little holeand now we are going to be pouring allthe other ingredients in so first I maybe I’m gonna be pouring the vanillasugar and like that and then the saltthen we’re gonna be putting the bakingpowder and the baking soda and now sinceyou have them all combined you are gonnamix them so yeah but you want to becareful with this process because theflour can get a little messy and puff upso you have to be a little careful justso it doesn’t get all in your face soguys now for the wet ingredients we arefirst gonna be putting in the unsaltedbutter it’s kind of stuck there we go wegot it in and now we are gonna startmixing it so yeah we’re gonna put it onso basra put to the eggs and son our[Music]servers now we are slowly gonna bepouring in the flour so yeahafter mixing it all together you willget something like this and yeah for thelast thing you are gonna put in thechopped chocolate in and you do not wantto mix it with the mixer because thenit’ll break the chocolate into smallerpieces so you want to mix it either witha spoon or a spatula or something likethat so this is kind of harder to mix soyeah might need some help so since wehave the batter mix the dough mix nowyou ever take a a regular spoon and takelike some butter in and then you aregonna take something like this and youare gonna take the dough in your handsit might be a little sticky but you haveto make it into a little ball somethinglooking like this and yeah not too bigand not too small and then you’re gonnakeep doing that until you finished itall and then you’re gonna put it in thefridge so yeah I’m gonna keep makingsome ballsso guys at the end you will getsomething looking like this and now youare going to be putting the batter intothe fridge for 1 hour so yeah so guys Ialready pull all of the little bells inthe tray and you are going to set theheat on 200 and 200 degrees F 14 to 16minutes basically and then we still have5 more left in here but we are gonna addthose later and now we are just waitingfor the oven to heat up a little andthen we’re gonna put them in so yeah andalso guys if you put more in the trayyou will get smaller cookies and if youput less in the tray like this you willget bigger cookies and they will spreadmoresurveys this is how they turned out andif you guys want the cookies to turn outbigger like this cookie right here youput less on the tray if you want them toturn out a little smaller you can putyou put more in the tray and right now Ihave mug here and now I’m gonna try themso yeah and before you try anything youalways have to say bismillah I hope youguys will make delicious cookies like Idid and if you like this video likesubscribe share how your friends andturn on the post vacation so you getnotified every time I posted a videoit’s not like

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