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How To Make Cookies (With Choclate)

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Video Transcription

hey guys today I’m going to be showingyou how to make tasty take the tastycookiesalright so we got 1 teaspoon of bakingpowder 1/2 a teaspoon of salt we’ve got3 cups of flour we’ve got 2 cups ofchocolatewhat bottom cup of brown sugar 1 cup ofwhite sugar and one cup of soft butterso the way you just start off is takeyour baking powder and put it in on yourflour just one time and then you takeyour salt[Music][Music]it’s mixed up you just put that whodon’t need that back so I thought nowdoesn’t matter which order you do thisin so you take your sugar put it in herebrown sugar take your butter[Music]I’m just gonna use the spoon alrightguys I just got a spatula this is mucheasier got some help now we mixlook it up alright now we got theconsistency we want cut that outno that’s here to direct[Music]oh yeah thank you all all of your flowersounds let’s say this way I don’t knowhow my sister makes cookies for me likeI hope it tastes like thatno all right now know when you can likewhisk it anymoreum I already wash my hands beforestarted this but I’m just gonna watchweekend because I know you mix it upwith your handsoh really sorry oh my chunky chunks aremixed up with the dough you take some ofthis here not too much you make a ballyou put it off the tray and then youtake two pieces and put it on top of itand you just continue on the thing[Music][Music][Music]I hate school right here put two 100 and200 degrees there now we just waitalright we finish the cookies and did alittle bit spell movin in hereso this white close my window I don’twant to smell to say this is my bestcookie in my opinion I mean thechocolate is a little bit firm but underis real good and they’re also prettysoft that’s that’s really goodso yeah oh these are good these are onlybrown alright let me say goodbye now wowhow fun is insidethis is amazing man I got to alrightthat’s it for this videoum hope you enjoyed see you later bye

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