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How To Make Cookie Dough

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s me Gabi and today I’mgoing to teach you guys how to makecookie now here are all the first you’llneed 1/4 cup of butter softened sugar 2teaspoons of vanilla extract half thecup of all-purpose flour and 2 teaspoonsof the also before we start I’d like tomention some very important vocabularywords you should know before we evenstart clicking on it sift means to putdry ingredients like flour through asister meltings means to any ingredientuntil it liquefies garnish means thatgreat dish with colorful food to make itlook nice and together and a combinedmeans to mixing we use today alas wewant to address what makes this cookiedough edible since that’s a veryimportant part so the flour is microwavefor two minutes that with any bacteriathat may be inside of it such as e.coliand in 2016 and coli was a big deal itkilled many people so want to get rid ofthat bacteria just by microwaving on theflour and also there are no eggs insidethese cookie dough and raw eggs and meatcan cause salmonella which is also avery dangerous bacteria and diseasefirst I’m going to addthere’s no way[Music][Music]okaynow I’m going to microwave this flowerit should be put rid of all the bacteriaand drugs that move inside of it I’mgoing to microwave for about two minutes[Music]I’ve got to mention that you can siftthe flour before moving on to the nextdown now I’m going to add butter into aseparate bowl and melt it inside of themicrowave for about one minute after Ipick the butter off the microwave andall bang it into the flour now I’m goingto mix some sugar inside of the flourand the butter I’m also going to addsome vanilla inside this mixture now I’mjust going to mix it all around untilbecomes a nice consistency[Music][Music][Music]after I finished mixing it all aroundI’m going to combine some milk into thismixture and start mixing that aroundagain[Music]have our pretty much done if you wouldlike this to garnish your cookie doughwith any types of toppings such aschocolate chips sprinkles or Oreos nowlet’s go over the overall steps firstyou’re going to put flour into a mediumsize a microwavable bowl and microwaveit for two minutesnext you’re going to melt butter andseparate Bowl for about a minute beforeuntil for melted next you’re going toadd the butter that’s melted into thebowl the flour now that we’re done Ihope that you enjoyed this video and Ihope that you can try making your owntype of cookie dough creation by

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