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How to make Chocolatos Cookies

Hello, my name is Claudea Imarwiar Efrata from English Departement PGRI ADIBUANA UNIVERSITAS in Surabaya. In this video I want sharing how to make “Chocolatos Cookies”

The ingredients:
1. flour 15 tablespoons / one hundred and fifty grams of flour.
2. Refined sugar 5 tablespoons / according to taste.
3. Butter 10 tablespoons / one hundred grams.
4. Drink chocolate powder 1 sachet or according to taste.
5. Choco chips.
Note: for how to make I do not use a mixer or egg.

¶ hope you can try making it, enjoy in this video. And I apologize if there are some annoying sounds besides my voice. Thankyou 🙏❤️


Original of the video here

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