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How To Make Chocolate Cookie Recipe

🍪 How To Make Chocolate 🍪Cookie 👨‍🍳Recipe👩‍🍳


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Let’s make easy cookies recipe,

I made first time my #cookies this way, and i liked this #recipe, because very easy, fast and i really taste very good.

Not every recipe you can make, cause in a lot of recipes, have a lot of tricks, that need to know,

In this cookie recipe you don’t need to know nothing, just follow my video, and you will make same cookies, if something will go wrong, ask questions in comments.

I dont know how exactly name this cookie, may be can say butter cookies recipe, or just regular cookie.

But really i liked my cookies 😃.

I like to eat cookies with tea, cacoa-milk, coffee, before i bought cookies, but now i can do it at home.

And my cookies in most of case will be much better and much healthier than most of cookies you can a buy.

Cause we know in most ready food product, in production, seller they add a lot of chemic to make them delicious and you can save it for a long time as same as they cooked.

And if you will go and buy really good quality cookies, the price will be much more higher than average.

Because you pay that price, and will get what amount you pay.

How you can skip this, make cookies at home. 😎

🟣Recipe For Our Cookies for about 7 – 20 piece, depends how big you will do it:

🟩 100g/3.5oz – Butter Room Temperature

🟩 80-100g/ 2.8-3.5oz – Sugar or you can use Sweetener, amount depends how sweet you wanna.

🟩 1 egg

🟩 1-1.5 tea spoon Vanilla Extract, Or any extract.

🟩 2-3g/ 0.1oz (0.5 tea spoon) Baking Powder
🟩 150 g/5.2 oz – Flour (If you wanna make chocolate cookie, change 15g/0.5oz to cacao powder or baking cacao)

🟦 Also You can add any kind of Nuts, add orange, lemon citron, chocolate chips everything.

🟨 PreHeat Oven 360F/180C for 15-20 minutes. Depends on what kind of ingredients(quality, brand), and depends of your oven(Gas,Electric, Brand).


🔸Pre Heat Oven 360F/180C

🔹 Take flour and add baking powder, cacao and mix it good. (Flour)

🔹Take room temperature butter and stir it, structure should be creamy, after that add sugar and stir it. Don’t worry if sugar won’t melt completely. (Butter)
🔹 Add to butter one egg and stir.

🔹 Add to Butter Vanilla extract (any extract) and stir. (Butter)

🔹 Take flour and add to butter
🔹 You can add nuts and stir, if you like nuts.

You dough for Cookies are ready.

🔹 Place you dough to sheet (silicone, teflon, paper). You can use spoon or ice cream scoop.

🔸 Make space between your cookies, amount of cookies depends how may cookie and how big you wanna make it.

🔹 Place it to your oven for 15-20 minutes, will depends a lot of factors, you should look up and check, don’t burn it, it can take and less than 15 minutes. I did in video 17:30 minutes, and some of burned up at the bottom of cookies. With chocolate difficult to understand when its ready.

🔸Take from oven, your cookies are ready, you can do any kind of decoration, i did with white chocolate. To melt chocolate i used microwave, i turn for 30 sec and took out, stir it, and place for 30 seconds again, i did 3 times like this with my chocolate. If you wanna make thin lines on you chocolate you can use pastry bag, or use tea spoon.

Enjoy your cookies, hope you will like it, and you can do it.

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Video Transcription

yeah me hello everyone today we’ll makecookies and okay let’s start with ourcookies first we’ll take butter yeahsure we’ll take butter adding sure noindustry[Music]we’re gonna add one teaspoon of vanillaextract[Music]but we can add any kind of extract whichwill be like what you have your heart[Music]so now we can add baking powder for CPcan read in the description below I’mnot sure I can I use mixer but I will dois make surgical sous-vide much easier[Music]I forgot I need to preheat oh I think Ineed to add some nuts I think that thisone is already waiting when my wallswill be preheatedthe temperature should be about 360degrees per need or 180 intentions[Music]now our cookies are ready we’ll take itall so you should give me maybe morespace for your cookies will be smallerdepends how big your school you can makemore small cookies so I think this onewill be like big cookies let’s see we’lltry it now we’ll take it to our now weneed to give to our cookies to cool downbecause they are so hardalso I want to prepare some whitechocolate and I want to deep thiscookies to white chocolate so here’shave have some white chocolate so Imelted in the microwave and I hope thesecookies are so delicious and I seethey’re looking nice beautiful my firsttime when I make some cookies and we’llsee just wait I will make it morebeautiful and more delicious with somechocolate[Music]it’s very delicious cookies really isgood I like it and we can do it at homelike any time better than if you’ll goand buy the grocery store with somehammocks you do at home kind ofhealthier than if you whole pie in amarket enjoy your food is to don’tforget subscribe to our channel thumbsup if you liked it and write in commentsany questions your experience we wishyou good luck and bye see you soon[Music]

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