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How to make chocolate chip cookies (beginners tutorial)

Yum yum delicious

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi it’s XTS 117s dad and today we’ll beshowing you how to make chocolate chipcookies all right first we need tosoftened some mother okay so for what mydad told me now you have to cut yoursoftened butter into cubes and put it inthe bowlis that correct dad yeah so cut up yourbutter like this dump it into the bowlokay so what next next we need to addbrown sugar all rightcould you scoop it in thereyep I’m adding 1/4 cup and then half of1/4 cup okay now what are you putting inthere vanilla extract how much just adash of it okayso around that much now we’re going toturn on the mixer okay so we’re doingthis you of the stirrer Saturdayokay so you get ready to bake thecookies so yeah just keep on doing thisfor how long dad until it looks uh wellstirred now we’ll put the egg in foureggs so late taste there we gooh and just sanitary stuff be sure thewash your hands immediately after youcrack the egg add more stirring and besure to put in sugar regular sugar toohow much I’m doing a quarter cup that’sequal to the brown sugar 1/4 cup andthen half a quarter cupcuz I’m have it cutting the recipe inhalf yeah now I have a 1/2 teaspoon offlour or no 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda1/2 teaspoon of salt and a cup and aquarter cup of flour okay pour thatpour that in okay okay so though reallywhat comes next is it chocolate chips orwhat is that stuff no depends extranutty crunchwe always like ours with you guys andjust so you know this isn’t like anytype of homemade recipe we got it off weoriginally got it from the chocolatechip baguette half the recipe on theside of it but we decided to make acouple and it’s indeed like pecans stuffand it tastes really good yeah one ofour friends told us to try pecans and itreally helps it does a bag of chocolatechips yepthe yummy stuff you can add more or lessdepending on howwe what you want it to be in how muchchocolate you like in your yeah just ashow much depending on how much chocolateyou wanted it there’s a lot morestirring now our cookies are all mixedand we’ll just take the dough over nearthe tray bring this boom and then we canscoop onto the pan oh and be sure togive on the leftover cookie dough tosome people and your family who areobsessed you’re looking off the thingsby Bob’s are short by Bob loves takingthe raw cookie dough and licking it eventhough the yeah but bit caution the eggsare bad for you yeah cautioned but itdoes taste amazing so yeah you just putthem down here and mold them into aroundthe shape you want that you don’t haveto bother exactly because they will theywere all kind of flattened into shapebasically so yeah just keep scooping thebat and give the leftovers to up peoplewith your family you might be a bitcrazy so there’s usually at least onewho’s crazy for leftover stuff at thebaby give it to them yeah male speakeryeah give it to the thrill-seeker butjust keep on doing this and then sobasically after this what you do is souh what’s your oven stud preheating thenyou put it in the oven for how longJanis about 12 minutes yeah for aboutthat long that you basically let it coolafter that it now you’re really goodchocolate chip cookies all ready

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