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How to Make Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies!!!

Rachel shows us how to make chocolate chip cookies!!! MMMMMMM
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Video Transcription

[Music]my sous-chef I love watching all thesecooking channels on cooking videos allover the internet and I love cooking soI thought you know what my taste testerall the time wants me to cook so Ithought we make it simple today andstart with chocolate chip cookies let’sstart let’s go through let’s see how wemake these and see if we can put it inhis mouth I’m hungry my you know mybiggest critic so we’re gonna make itsee how he likes it so what are we doingwhat’s what’s the ingredients that gowrong well I don’t know cuz sometimeschocolate chip cookies can be trickysometimes they can be super easy forpeople but for me I have a hard timewith baking know I didn’t know there wasa what is this sugar yes so what we’regonna do today is we’re gonna make itsuper simple we are going to start withhalf a cup of melted butterokay we’re putting in our bowl thenwe’re going to add 3/4 of a cup of brownsugarother than regular sugar we’re going todo half of regular granulated sugar[Music]rightthat you watch whatever you knowwhatever channel you want to you knowtalk about always makes it like superfast it makes it look takes time soyou’re gonna whisk it together to make aconsistency of like we’re gonna add oneteaspoon of vanilla extract you knowwhatever kindI don’t know those fit your old paycheckon vanilla yeah generic vanilla it’s notsuper I’m gonna go to Whole Foods andget the organic vanillaokay I’m switching to a spatula youdon’t want to overwork it at this pointso when you put the dry ingredients inyou want to sold it which is a actualbaking cooking term so we’re gonna takeone in one fourths cup flour and we’regoing to sift it in[Music]okay so we’re gonna fold it so here wegofolding you’re not just gonna get inthere and stir oh that’s cool I see likeyou’re working it into the dough yeahoh wow like right away you can alreadysee it we’re gonna fight cookie doughyeah so this recipe calls for twodifferent types of chocolate chips orchocolate chunks whichever you want soyou can kind of double chocolate so whatwe have here so this is milk chocolatejust you know Ghirardelli Oh am I scaredof chocolate and we’re just gonna gothrough and just kind of make you knowjust semi-sweet chocolate chips to putin just like that too but you can dodark chocolate you can do a combinationyou know white chocolate and then whatyou can kind of map it out M&Ms likethat’s just like your base and you canadd whatever chocolate you want that’sreally good so you need four ounces ofeach chocolate this is a four ounce barso that makes it simple good do it aloneyou’re my sous-chef so let’s see youchocolate I’m gonna chuck Stan I’m gonnachop some chocolate sure well I put soyou’re still gonna finish chopping thisfour ounces and I’m gonna put in half acup too much there’s always roomfor more and more chocolate that’s whatI like about the whole cookie thing youcan really just make so then you justfold this in we’re just gonna mix thisin and then you want super chewychocolate chocolate chocolate chip comeon guysno she’s right though I am her artistcredit because when when she usually shebakes he cooks things I’m always likethat’s too little that’s too much somereason it always turns out good you knowI was like the flower I guess right it’sthe flower you thought you wouldn’t beable to get the yeah yeah this ischilling pre-heat your oven to 350 getthis ring saran wrap over it just sodoesn’t start smelling like you’re youknow Audrina or family nasty stuff inthere it’ll start smelling like that andit might taste like it so we’re gonnacover this put it in the frigerator 30minutes preheat the oven 350 and get aparchment lined cookie sheet so put thatin come back alright so this goes in thefridge for 30 minutes at least 30minutes yes okay cool so you could havethe fridge and all of thatwhat okay so 30 minutes preheated ovento 350 so now what we’re gonna do is wehave our cookie sheet that’s lined withparchment paper you don’t have parchmentpaper and I’ll worry if you have anonstick cookie sheet you’re fine thenI’m using a ice cream scoop scoop it outthat always helps okay so what about thespacing though I mean you think youthink that’s good spacing you knowsometimes baking you got a live andlearn and make mistakes so that’s okay Ithink they’re fine I mean that’s what itsays this is their fun okay next onenext thing you’re gonna been having 10to 15 minutes until they’re done a lotof cool and then we can eat I’m gonnaget a big glass of milk that’s what I’mgonna do – nice okay so 10 to 15 minutesdepending on howand wait again wait again I’m excited ohwow that’s like probably the perfectsize wow I’m excited[Music]yep so you have to eat them hot there’sno I mean you can eat a cookie roomtemperature but you’re losing 50% of theexperience 100% of the experiences so ifyou want to be smaller you can obviouslydo that and make more this is the timeyou can put your cookie oh I like aboutit is that it’s crispy on the outsideI’m like she said it’s just it’s superchewy on the inside okay it’s so crazyapart look at all the time but it ischewy like it is chewythat’s what the recipe was chewy chunkychocolate chewy chocolate – chocolatechichay – alright guys thanks forwatching subscribe that like button doit keep an eye out on newwe’re gonna try and do one every weekyou want a difference between maybesometimes we’ll bake sometimes we’llcook sometimes we’ll figure out otherthings I think you’re pretty good[Music]I don’t know if you know this my husbandScott yes you know not only mr. mom buthe’s also mr. beard on YouTube so gocheck it momScott Barnes okay don’t mention me Idon’t want to be mentioned this is allright see how it came together guys ohmy god I did it all that flower whatdoes it look like looks like peanutbutter

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