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How to make BEST Green Tea (Matcha) Chocolate Chip Cookies RECIPE MELTING CHOCOLATE 抹茶クッキーの作り方(レシピ)

Are you figuring out how to make one of the best Matcha Chocolate Chip cookies? And how to get the MELTING chocolate? There you go, this is the right video that you are looking for~ Unlike the usual chocolate chip cookies, today I am making the Green Tea (Matcha) version 😊

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★ Ingredients you’ll need

200g all purpose flour
110g cake flour
200g unsalted butter
5g corn starch
2g baking soda
3g baking powder
3g kosher salt
30g matcha powder
150g white chocolate chips
190g white granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 bowl of chopped walnuts

★ Optional
100g chopped chocolate

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