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How to Make a Perfect Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

How to make a perfect double chocolate chip cookie!!

2 sticks unsalted butter at room temperature
3/4 cups granulated sugar
2/3 cups brown sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 1/4 cups all purpose flour
2/3 cups cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups M&Ms, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, or White Chocolate Chips (or combo of all of them)

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes

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Video Transcription

hey guys this is Stephanie Hanley withHamlin bait shop and today we’re mykitchen to show you some of the recipesthat we use at the shop so today we aregoing to make double chocolate chipcookiesis my daughter’s absolute favoritecookie in the world and I think it’ll beyours as well so if you’re ready to getstarted then let’s go[Music]so the first thing that we’re gonna dois let me go over some the ingredientswe’ve got softened butter brown sugarand white sugar you can use dark brownsugar this is just a light brown soreally all that is is granulated sugarwith molasses this has some dark brownsugar has more if you did this lightcolor or just a darkyou might notice like the spreading it’sa little bit different but we’re justgoing to keep it simple and do a lightbrown and then a regular granulatedsugar then we’ve got eggs vanilla saltbaking soda cocoa powder and thenall-purpose flour and then we mixsemi-sweet and white chocolate chips ifyou want to use all dark chocolate chipsthen you can do that if you wanted tojust use all semi-sweet to do that ifyou wanted to mix in some nuts you knowif you really like that then this isjust a basic recipe and it’s verycustomizable so I like to just startgetting the butterI said when I start to add the sugar itdoesn’t soak up when the butter is inthere and the girl the sugar in there aswellnot really explode it just will havesugar flying everywherenothing nothing crazy so there’s stillsome chunks but it’s not smooth yet sothen we’re going to go ahead and add inboth the granulated and the firmlypacked light brown sugarand that’s a little different than justa normal chocolate chip recipeI will go over thatso I’m gonna makeyou’re in the sugar and so it’s niceand then we’re going to add ourI like to make back with the sugar andsugar is considered[Applause]get everybody[Applause]now I’m going to go ahead and add in myvanilla to my eggs and then with it onlow I’m going to do one egg at a timeif you wanted to add to the rest ofcounter or something like thatright[Applause]right now I want you to kind of see whatis going on here so I have some of mydough that is smushed up to the side ofthe bowl and then I had this other stuffthat’s kind of loose I’m going to use myspatula because I want to scrape down Idon’t want any of that to go to wastenow the thing with cookies and cakes isreally you just always want to scrapeyour bowlthey make these paddles that have asilicone blade on the edge that helpsscrape as you goif you don’t everyone like Trump sugar[Applause]if you have sugarwe incorporated into thebetter than when you’re going to make itit’ll have like a wood for onealthough it makes it tastypresentation-wiseI got that mixed so the next thing I’mgonna do is I’m gonna mix all my dryingredients so I’ve got my flour I’mgonna go ahead and put powder in theremy baking soda and my salt and this iskosher salt you can use table saltkosher whatever and then I just I’mgonna use a whisk you don’t have to dothis you can justwe’re just gonna fix it on slow allright we’re gonna put it on low mykitchen and has a nerve setting so it’sjust really the lowest one[Music]do you see how there’s still drylittle bitand our dough it’s not fullyincorporated so this is where we’regoing to go ahead and mix in ourchocolate chips you can hand full focusin that’s a lot of elbow work and I havecarpal tunnel so I’m not gonna do thatI’m going to just mix my chocolate chipsin here and just on a low-speed let itlet the mixer do the work for me I’mjust gonna pour it all in the shop webake so many chocolatethere is no waythat we would be able to mix this up byhanding our mixer is huge and it wouldbe a nightmare and I probably wouldn’thave any employees they probably allleave me if I made them mix it by handbecause it really is the status stick soyou just want to give it like a goodlittle scrape there pretty much now Ican see the snow is a little bit lighterand that’s just my cocoa powder if youwanted to use a darker cocoa powderso I’m gonna scrape all this off thepaddle now you have two options you cango ahead and bake them right now or youcan scoop them and let them let’s dochill in the refrigerator or you canscoop them and freeze them and then takea minute at a later time so here it’s myhands and I’ve got some very quicklyparchment paper here and I have a scoopall this is is a ice cream scoop and weare going to scoop the dough onto ourcompeteyou want to give it some space so atthis point you can chill the dough justlike this and then let it sit in therefrigeratorjust for maybe an hour and then you cantake all the little dough balls you canscoop it you know scoop it all on herelet it chill and then take the doughballs and put them in like a budgetblock bag stick them in the freezer andthen just take them out whenever youwant to bake some cookies or you can letthem rest in the fridge just like thisfor about 30 minutes and then you canpop them in the oven and that way thereit’ll help with the spreading so if youbake them right now they’ll probablyspread a little bit more versus if youlet it chill but I’m going to go aheadand bake them because and then the nextthing we’ll do is we’ll keep scoopingour dough and keep it so we’ll be backin just a minute okay so I just tookthat cookies out of the ovenand they are cool enough that I mightlet a little bit here try them out so ifyou liked this video make sure you likesubscribe and let your cookies go loveit for youanyway make sure you like subscribe andturn those notifications songs that youknow when we get the next video outuntil then keep baking

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