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How to make a cookie taste better when its git milk and heat on it (this is safe )

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Video Transcription

hi guys what’s up welcome back to myyoutube channel it’s grace hereI just can’t see and it can comedy spotand anyway so today’s video is one ofthose cookiealthough never mind not but guys today’svideo is going to be when I was hookingmicrowave milk thanksI’ve been doing this and it I recommendit can happen actually not 12 out of 10that’s how good it is a million now 10and we go new fridge as well so yeahguys moving outside on the video makesure to subscribe like hit Melcertificate anytime I don’t do giveawaysand all that rubbish I just I justbut if you if you want a shout out I’lldo the first for you just comment onthis video but let’s get on that videoand the video and my mum’s fun so youfools milk any kind of milk but youdrink oat milk I don’t remember a goodyou never know if you like it you canhave their eyes you the blue even youscream it was just as good helps adifference in green and balloon topanyway you can use milk so you need milkokay but when I’m actually eating a likerawand you’re gonna need a bowl I’m gonnaput it in the balls off okay so I’mgonna put it in the ball like that youjust fits perfectnow I’m gonna grab the milk I’m only pawover the cookie so you don’t need like awhole bowl of it but you need it just tolike now you also need a wife Scottreally do this now put it in for 25seconds or 20 secondsso come back when it’s toughokay it’s definitely done now it shouldlook something so now that it’s a matand you’re all donethis is guys that’s so goodbut anyways that’s enough to this videonow I’m gonna eat this but before youguys go what’s like one thing subscribeto the right channel please and also hitthe bat enough get it every time postvideo and also give it a big thumbs upif you like this video so yeah guys byeand let me know down in the comments ifyou enjoyed this and what milk you useon what cooking so bye guys

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