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How to make a COOKIE CLICKER Game in Scratch!

In this video, we’ll be making a Cookie Clicker – quick & easy! So, Let’s Go!!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

we’re showing to show you how to make acookie Laker game in scratch so let’sjust started I have this empty spritewith me shown him this do x0 and y0let’s make a costume for itI’m making a simple coin like you canmake it better like a cookieso now it’s looking good let’s increasethe size to 250 this is okay let’s startscripting in the green flag clickedforeveror just to tiara go to x0 and y0 pointand direction 90 and switch the worse doone show and go to frontforeveriftouching mouse pointer andI was stonedmiddle variable called cash or score e1I’m naming it cash then change cash by10 in cash visible as a large read outin the centerso change cash button and then waituntil not Mouse downthis will stop the player to justletting increase if you put this detailwill be agreed at a time so now let’sset the cache to zero and the employeesplitas you can see under 10 there isincreasing when I click this is thebasic script you’ll make a backgroundit’s again good now then you can add anew script with the green flag clickedforever make up a table called animationand put the sprite only set animationanchor to zero and then forever changeanimation on car by 0.1 or any value canI do where I have the script scriptready let’s put in to cookie this is asmoothing skip slip that you can use forsmooth relating of your cookie set Y tothis and just put the animation overherethen you can put a set X to zero so thatif it now let’s see so it is levitatingin there and if I misplace it it willautomatically go to Z X 0 and startlevitating you can increase this 15 to30 this is I’m setting it to 15 you candecrease the smoothness by proteins ortwo until a lower value this is thespeed under the sub K I think it’sdegrees at 210understoodyou can add an automatic increase thegreen flag clicked foreverthen you can make a variable to increasefor all sprites ridden in set autoincrease to 10and forever change Auto increase by 10oh sorry change cash by Auto increaseand wait one second input doubled onesecond and then make a variable forTillich increase you can call anythingyou want for all sprites with the suddenimported yeah said for clink increase toten and then change cash by partlyincreasing no destroyed and valuesautomatic it is increasing or ten evenif I don’t click OK clicking it isincreasing even fasteryou can see this is a basic we click upthank you guys for watching you cannotshop in a mini Adams hereyou

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