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HOW TO BAKE PERFECT COOKIES – with Alice from Bake Off!

Alice Fevronia from The Great British Bake Off shares how to make the PERFECT cookies!!

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Video Transcription

hi guys it’s alex here from the GreatBritish Bake Off now I’m normally ageography teacher but I’m on a missiontoday getting all scientific trying tofigure out what it is that makes theperfect chocolate-chip cookie at timeslike these when the going gets tough weneed cookies I’m talking crispy on theoutsidegooey in the center the perfect ratio ofchocolate chips and cookie dough I’mlooking for the one there is so muchscience behind baking and so manydifferent variables that affect how youcookies come out depending on tinychanges that you make so I’ve got a fewhandy tips I think make a pretty goodcookie now the temperature of youringredients is so important that meansthat you need to let your butter andyour eggs come to room temperaturebefore you start bakingnow that’s because room-temperatureingredients emulsify far more easilythan really cold ingredients so thatcreates a more even structure of yourdough which means you get a bettercookie so I’m not using one but I’musing two different types of sugars I’musing white granulated sugar and I’musing a soft brown sugar and thedifferent sugars give differentstructures and therefore textures to thecookie and the brown sugar also helps togive a nicer flavorso after you’ve creamed your butter andyour sugar together it’s time to addyour egg so crack it into the bowl andgive it a good mix once it’s nice andsmooth add a teaspoon of vanilla extractgive it a good stir and it will all cometogether nice and smooth II just likethis so you’ve also got to be reallycareful with the amount of the flourthat you’re putting into your cookiesnow what flour does for the mixture isit absorbs moisture which means if youadd too much you get a really dry cookieand nobody wants that this is whathappens if you add too much flour to youknow the safe is getting there but waittoo dense I think I just made a rockit’s definitely a bit more cakey thancookie also apparently a tiny bit ofcornflour in your recipe can help keepthe cookie nice and chewy so that’s whyI’ve done add your bicarbonate of sodaand a little bit of salt and you need togive it a really thorough stir now don’tworry if it takes a long time you justneed to make sure it’s all reallythoroughly and cooloperated now for the best bit and it’sthe chocolate chips now just chuck themall in there in they go and give them areally thorough mix so that all thechocolate chips are evenly distributedso the next stage is so important youneed to chill your cookie dough now if Iwas just to put this straight into theoven what would happen is my cookiewould spread so I’d get a really thincookie which is not what I’m afterreally and this is the reason you seehow flat that is and I’m sure it tastesgreat but it’s just not what I’m afterso you’re gonna roll your dough intosmall difficultI found that 65 grams is just about theperfect amount for each cookienow you’re gonna stack them on onebaking tray you’re not gonna bake themlike this otherwise they’ll just spreadinto one giant cookie sounds greatactually but it helps you to stack themin the fridge so roll them up and storethem from as long as you possibly can Iknow it’s tempting but the longer youchill them the better they’ll be okayso now I’m cookie dough is chilling inthe fridge it’s time for us to thinkabout what can I temperature we’re gonnamake a cookies at now I’ve settled for ahundred and sixty degrees centigradewhich seems to work well for the recipethat I just used and because I’m sodedicated to getting it to the exactright temperature I’m using an oventhermometer because sometimeseivin’s aren’t always a temperature thatthey tell you they are I’m also gonna bebaking Michael here’s one batch at atime now if you stack your baking trayson top of each other in the oven whathappens is there’s an uneven bakebetween those at the top and loses thebottom and you don’t get perfect cookiesI want perfect cookies so how long I’mgonna big hug cookies for it now this isvery difficult for me today because allothers baked it for me some our thirdovens some big slightly unevenly and itreally depends on what kind of oven thatyou have I would just suggest that youkeep a really close eye it also dependson how you like your cookies so if youlike them really soft in the middle youmight want to take them out a little bitearlier and always remember that theywill continue to cook for a couple ofminutes after you take them out so justbear that in mindI gave the moment of truth this shouldbe a perfect cookie let’s have a lookinside so there’s so nice and crispy onthe outside so good and gooey in themiddleso if you’re looking for a good luckdown bait give these cookies ago andmake sure you follow my tips to makethem perfect[Music]

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