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How to bake cookies using cookie mix

Ingredients: Cookie mix, eggs , butter, olive oil , food coloring, frosting.

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Video Transcription

[Music]we are girlstoday we will be baking cookies andweird things we are going to need andthe things that you will need to ifyou’re going to be making for successfulhere are some cookie make here olive oilfood coloring wrinkles butter wax paperand ziplock baggy job you will open in abowl spatula and a mixer canvas andlet’s get started so guys first we’regonna start with you with this chocolateshop my favorite it is not you know whatthat’s a miss its bother putting it overevery rock Allah and we have one nevergonna see so I’ll just show you yeah andthen we’re going to melt the butter forour hands of the same sessionnow we have our butter and we will beplacing it in the bowl of cookie mix butremember you you only got you’re onlygonna need it one stick of butter[Music]already doing it there we go and thenwe’re going to need 1/3 1/3 cup of oliveoil way I’m just going to get away so1/3 a cup is equal to by tablespoon ofand one bottle of ejuice is a cool lastsurvivor for me four and five now we’regoing to have 1 teaspoon there we gothen we’re going to add 1 eggthen you fix itI’m going to use the handheld mixer weget fromfrom a Paris[Music]yes enough wateryeah we forgot to book water sorry Idon’t schedule another with the topic onthe barns and like the cookie mix it isa letter so we’re gonna do that rightnownow we’re going to add water[Music]portable oh boy[Music][Music][Music][Music]it is[Music]something wrongnice[Music]no use me I know nothing okay oh my gosh[Music]so guys are just like that rock tray andwe’ll be backhey guys it’s the loyalty card and we’reback now we’re going to decorate ourcookies and here is the print finishedproduct they also have size 100 cookiesand we have our frosting andguys attract firing day we clean ourmess and the cookies were so good andmake and make sure you subscribe to[Applause][Music]

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