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How to Bake Cookies in an Air Fryer

Let me show you how easy it is to bake cookies in an air fryer! In 10 minutes, you can enjoy warm, ooey, gooey, cookie joy– the secret is to either pre-freeze homemade dough or use prepackaged, frozen cookie dough. This saves you food prep time and allows you to portion control– cook as many or a few cookies as you want at a time.

You deserve the very best, so I tested and tried a lot of different recipes until I got this one “just right.” With my simple tutorial you will have perfectly baked cookies, warm and gooey, but without being raw in the middle. After cooling, eat them straight from the air fryer as a quick snack or pair them up with a nice glass of wine or scoop of ice cream for a decadent dessert.

I used items from my air fryer accessories kit to prepare this dish. You can learn more about air fryer accessories and watch me unbox my accessory kit here:

When my husband gave me an air fryer for Christmas, I quickly discovered how much I love my air fryer. Food cooks quickly, I can walk away and “leave it,” clean up is easy, and cooking doesn’t stink up my house. Since that time, I have been regularly posting Air Fryer Fun (a.k.a. Cooking with Crystal) on my Facebook page. With the encouragement of great friends, I am now uploading my videos to YouTube.
Legal stuff:

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I received zero compensation from the air frying or cookie industry for the creation of this video. Use whatever brand you choose. I just love my air fryer and am excited to share my joy and air frying success with you!

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Video Transcription

hey y’all are you having a rough daywell let me show you how to bake yourday better and use your airfryer to cookyour very own gooey gooey chewy moistand delicious cookie[Music]welcome back to my kitchen for anotherfun recipe the airfryer is a compact yetefficient convection oven that meansanything that you cook in your oven youcan cook in your airfryer as long as itfits in the airfryer basket and itusually takes less time to cook and I dolove trying out air frying recipes withtoday’s recipe if you were to look upairfryer cookies on the internet andfollow any recipe exactly as written youwould end up with a vert hockey puckburnt on one side and completely raw onthe other side I don’t understand whyyou have to read through paragraphs ofuseless information to finally get toour recipe and then have a recipe thatturns out black that’s not good enoughyou’re worth the very best and today I’mgoing to show you how to cook a cookiethat’s gonna turn out perfect everysingle timepre-heat your air fryer at 350 degreesfor 3 minutes I’m gonna use this tin tocook my cookies on the case that camewith my air fryer attachment kitten I’mexcited to try it if you don’t have atenday fit in your air fryer that’s okayI have a great solution cut yourself around out of tin foil and make sure youput some little handles on here that wayit will fit easily in your air fryerbasket and when you’re done you can pullyour cookies up these leaves I’m usingpremade frozen cookie dough it’sconvenient for me I can cook one or twothree or four as many or as few cookiesas I wanted to go you can also use freshcookie dough just remember you will needto subtract two minutes off of yourfinal cook time you can also freezehomemade cookie dough for later to do sofreeze your little rounds on a cookietray and right before they’re completelyfrozen transfer them to a ziplock bagthat keeps them from sticking togetherand you two can pull out as many or asfew cookies as you wantkeep in mind cook times vary betweenbrands and sizes of air fryers you willwant to try this recipe out first andadjust your time as needed this is soeasy all I’m doing is dropping thefrozen cookies onto the tray even achild could do thisJesse do you want to help mommy putcookies on the sheet yes why don’t youhelp mommy let’s take a cookie and nowlet’s drop it onto the pan can we dropit on the pan release it now darlingcome on darlin yay good job just theword cookie derives from the Dutch wordcookie which means small or little cakeand according to the oxford foodcompanion the first written use of theword cookie dates back to 1700 3 in NewYork or they wrote that the New YorkDutch baked 800 cookies for a funeralbake your cookies at 300 degrees for 10minutes do you know why Cookie Monstercouldn’t make his bed this morning it’sbecause he couldn’t find his cookiesheetthe cookies look amazing they’regolden-brown and I can smell the vanillaand the chocolate cookies have existedin some form for as long as baking hasbeen documented the first semi-moderncookie was invented by the persians inthe 7th century AD when they firststarted cultivating sugar by the end ofthe 14th century sugar wafers were beingsold on the streets of Paris and manyRenaissance cookbooks had receipts forcookies too I think the cookies havecooled enough now we’re ready for ataste test hmm it’s crispy on theoutside just a little gooey not raw butjust a little warm and gooey on theinside all in all these cookies arefantastic and I think you will have lotsof success baking cookies in your veryown air fryer as you can see the cookiesturned out fantastic I even made a fewextras to share with loved ones I didn’tnotice any difference in color or tastecooking in an air fryer versus mytraditional oven that said the air fryersure was convenient I set thetemperature in the timer put the cookiesin and I could walk away when they weredone the air fryer turned itself off soI didn’t have to worry about burntcookies not only that it didn’t heat mykitchen up at all all in all these are areally good win thanks so much forwatching if you enjoyed this videoplease click like or subscribe to myyoutube page where I am posting allsorts of air frying fun remember if Ican cook with an air fryer you can cookwith one toogood wishes good health and good night[Music]you’re so cute you’re looking atyourself you should burnt on one sideand completely raw on the other side soraw it falls apart just sounds so wordyyou’re rambling crystal hey yo this ismy wife I’m just gonna show you how tomake you an early gooey deliciousdelectable cookie[Music][Laughter][Music][Music]you

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