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How To Bake Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Cookies | 5 ingredients Only | Naomie Gumban

Hi Guys! Anothe baking serye 😋

Sana nagustuhan nyo at natakam ko kayo hindi po ako kagalingan pa naging hobby ko lang sya during this pandemic😊

By the way I made 28 pcs of cookies in different sizes. It depends na kung gano kalaki yung gagawin nyo if ever na ittry nyo ito.

For the Ingredients I used good for 24 pcs.

230 g Creamcheese
16 tabs salted butter
300 g granulated sugar
250 g flour
20 pcs oreo cookies

Again guys thank you for watching see you on my next one! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! 😊😘

Keep Safe and Stay Healthy! 😊

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