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How? Making cookies.

I got free reign to edit my group projects video.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

step one you put a stick of butter inthe measuring cup I mean you put it inthe microwavehere comes a sound effect step two youpull off the butter out of the microwaveplease do this or else you’ll burn yourown house step threethose are not chocolate chips it wiselook at this I was baffled it’s actuallya mix you want to put it in step threeyou want to break apart two eggs andplace the yolks inside the base and thisis how you add to the mix then you wantto add that stick of butternext part you’re gonna have to want towear safety whoo good job Jordan wearingthose oven mitts mm-hmm yeah you wearthose oven mitts all right now you gotto pull out the cookies don’t burnyourself like a moron yeah mm-hmm keepit up doing a great job Gordon I’m tiredyeah keep doing it Jordan you almost gotit almost almost done yep there you gonow we have some sweet tasty cookies toeat making deliciousI’m mommythat’s a signI can’t smash it that’s right alright doyou want to get me getting the butteryeah you’ll just grab it bring it downdrop it or actually unwrap it first youknow what it’s not for coarseyouyou

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