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Here’s how I make chocalate chip cookies and easy pizza 🍕♥️🍪

Be kind, be well ❤️

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel Ihope so I woke up this morning my fatherdecided I wanted pizza so we had to goto the shop to get everything we neededfor the pizza and I wanted to makechocolate chip cookies so we went to theshop and I was glad to go down thesweets I hope because it’s me once wewould done it the sweet eyelet theshocked way to go to a different shop wedidn’t have everything we need a littleshop once we enter the other shop we goteverything we needed for the pizza and Imay or may not have thrown a little bitextra things in the trolley dad mommy isplayed a shuttle as fool so today’svideo as you can see is a bit differentI threw some Astros in the you guyswhile I was shot so Ellis a today’svideo is a little different and I’mgoing to show you how I made mychocolate chip cookies and my our easypizza recipes if you want the recipes orlink it down below so when I got home Idid everything I needed out all theingredients and you need 125 grams ofbutter and you melt it and then you addall that up take melted and then you addto once that is done I promise guys Iwashed my hands so when that is done youadd 3/4 cups of brown sugar and 3/4 cupsof white sugarokay when you’re done with that who hasbeen going to weskit I use an electricbeater because you’re gonna whisk itonly becomes creamy and then you aregoing to add a teaspoon of vanillaessence I put a teaspoon in just alittle extra because I put too much okayonce there is done you’re gonna add yourflour so it’s two and a quarter cups offlour and 3/4 teaspoon of baking sodaand a teaspoon of salt you’re gonna mixthat all together and my arms got tiredso I called my mom to come mix it for meas you see she’s mixing it all togetherand then I’m going to add in astros youadd in your chocolate chips but my momdoesn’t eat it so I used Stroh’s insteadand that is the in product then we madepizza because it was pizza night now andmy dad decided he wanted healthy so hemade he’s more green and I decided Iwanted chicken decassle fried my chickenon the side with all the spices that Iwanted uni and then I decided to helphim so I created some cheese for both ofour pizzas and I cut my strips up onceit was done and he was layering hispizza either in marinated my strokes inthe marinated that I won and he wasputting his pizza in the macro it’scalled easy microwave pizza so it’sreally good alien made my pizza base andI started putting all my toppings on andthat’s what it looked likemy father wasn’t eating heat while wewaited for maybe the sky outside wasshown so nice I wanted to show you byokay then we got every time this thecheese was so much they were stringy ohbut it looks and it tasted so niceso this is just how it looked beforeyou’d been into the microwave and thenyou guys obviously saw had to look afterthis is my dad’s talk peacefullyspeaking to you I like a lot of cheesehow do you look daddy so while he’s gota nice pizza I just want to say thatsorry that some of the video doesn’tmatch with the audio it’s my first timetrying this so be kind and yeah I hopeyou guys enjoyed this video I am goingto be doing the words of the day rightnow and yes I’m just gonna bring out therest of the day quickly and then I willspeak you guys right now okay so thefirst of the days today is Isaiah 43verse 19 which says behold I will do anew thing now it shall spring forthshall you not know I will even make away in the wilderness and rivers in thedesert so all I want to say is justcontinue to believe in God and He willdo anything and everything for you heloves you with his whole heart andyou’ll never send you into a place wherehe doesn’t have a positive outcome foryour life so yeah I hope you guys stapleit and then you’re going to say a quickhappy Anniversary to my mom and mystepdad I hope you guys have an amazingday and have you guys so much and Ican’t wait to see what God has in storefor you guys can’t you guys for tuningin and supporting me on the shiny eventhough I don’t know it’s hated I know them love you guys bye

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