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FWTFL no bake cookies

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Video Transcription

hey everybody we are here we are makinghealthy Novak’s for you um we alreadyadded the cocoa powder so we’ll justhave to tell you about that um so theseare yes she dumped a lot of it in sowe’re just gonna leave in a minute so Iam actually going to double this recipebecause it’s so amazing um but you wantto get to 2 cups of coconut so thecoconut is the base instead of oatscoconut don’t put that smooth in thereplease please don’t put that in thereplease don’t put okay so okay go aheadmix it up so we have the coconut inthere I have no idea how much cocoathrew us in here so we are just going tomix and see what it looks like if weneed to add more I’m not sure so youbear with us don’t get it out of thebowl thing okay okay you don’t need toscoop it then just stir it here use thisto stir it okay alright so I am gonnaadd a little bit more cocoa powderbecause it looks like it could use someok can you dump that in there one makesure it’s all dumped out make sure okayalright thank youokay so we got cocoa powder we have thecoconut and then we are going to add yepbut we did add someno um flaxseed this is its whole groundflaxseed so we’re gonna sit twotablespoons which we’re gonna do for cuzI’m doubling it these are so deliciousyou guys there’s one okay that’s enoughfor okay so we have the flaxseed inthere now we need two teaspoons ofvanilla extract I’m gonna do fourbecause we’re doubling it so there’s onetwo ish three four ish thank you guysfor jumping on and watching this livethis is funtell me about what is your favoritehealthy treat like your guilty pleasureI don’t know no base is one of ours wehave we love peanut butter so yesavocado oil is next and we need onetablespoon so we’re gonna do – becausewe’re doubling it put it over the bowlokay there’s one okay – got it ding iton the side of the bowl okay after thatwe’re going to do this you can use anykind of stevia that you want to use weuse this one it’s called sweet can yousee that your Sara Claire sweet leaforganic and it doesn’t have like any badadditive things in it or anything likeand then when you’re done with these youcan just stick them in the freezer andyou can eat them at any time that’s whatI love here I’m going to open it for youbaby so you can just dump it so I willeach one is like a tablespoon I dolittle tablespoon sizes and I’ll putthree in a baggie and then that way Iwill like on my on my treat day I canhave three of these cookies and they areso so good I’ll put the recipe belowit’s really simple and then having themin the freezer is just so nice my momloves these too she’s here with us andshe really really likes them so what areyou guys doing today house quarantine noone we are over here getting healthywe’ve been working out almost every dayand it’s fun cuz there’s kid workoutsand grownup workouts so she likes to dothe kids workouts can I have that oneand sometimes she’ll do the grown-upstuff with me too but it’s so fun so ifyou guys need some kid workouts orgrown-up workouts I can show that withyou just comment below if you need theworkouts comment workout a little I knowthey’re saying that everybody is gainingthis quarantine 15 so 1 and 1/3 cup ofpeanut butter and this is just this isfrom Target it’s the good and gatheryeahthe only okay hold on a sec we have toput it in here let me see how much is inhere 28 ounces that’s more than what weneed I was kind of thinking I could justput the whole jar in there but I can’tso I need one in 1/3 cup because we’redoubling it because we’re doubling itI’m going to do 2 cups and 2/3 okay Imean if you love peanut butter andchocolate okay it’s gonna be all mostlyand then mix it up so what’s going onguys tell me what are you doing duringthis time we’ve just been enjoyingfamily time really you know at home ofcourse we don’t have wet shoe uh oh umwe were homeschooling before this anywayso we’ve just been continuing some ofthe stuff that we were doing you knowwhat guys I think I almost might justuse the whole jar this is two cups and Istill need 2/3 and I think that’s justgonna finish out the whole thing can youdump that in there so I might just seeyou okay[Music]this is easy and it’s so fun to know isit to have the older yes you are justyou’re really slow okay because it couldflip out what I like to do once I getall of everything inside I put backon my hands and I just like mush ittogether because it’s so they’re so sogood so yeah I’m just gonna use thiswhole jar because I am doubling it andI’m doubling it because my mom lovesthese we love these and if you arecraving a treat you know like justreally wanting something sweet with alot of protein and a lot of good fatsand stuff sometimes I just grab one ofthese instead of being tempted to eat aSnickers bar or M&Ms we used to alwaysget peanut M&Ms or you know getting sometreat that has a lot of like trans fatsand all that bad stuff I just grabbedone of these cookies so alright thankyouoh my goodness you guys this looks soheavenly all the peanut butter all thechocolate oh the coconut to hear shesaid I’ll have one of these okay herelet me get you a scoop there you go okaynow don’t put that spoon back in thebowl just keep it over there do you needmore you’re good yeah they’re reallyrich so honestly sometimes I’ll eat twocookies don’t put that part in therepleasehonestly sometimes I will eat twocookies on Saturday when we do a leg daytreat and um that’s enough for me like Idon’t even have to do more and my headgot cut off that’s okayoh my goodness you guys this looks sogood so I’ll show you a picture orwhatever I’ll bring the camera over hereafter I finish let me just walk it overthere for you guys it looks so heavenlylook at all that chocolaty peanutbuttery goodness so good can you say hito them I already tasted it and it’sdelish do you like the cookies yeah whatdo you like about them bananas so talkto me guys I don’t see anybodycommenting below tell me what you guyshave going on right now send oh jeez OhMackenzie loves it when people sendemojis or hearts we’ve been doing a lotof video calls with our families here sowe put in coconut oil that’s vanilla teawe put in funella yeah do you want toshow them this that one’s the avocadooil it’s a healthy fat oil I gotchocolate on my so that’s it guys thisis the recipe I really hope this helpsyou like I said I can I think I want tobe instead of grabbySnickers or a KitKat or you know one ofthose just like you know when you grabsomething and it kicks you off of yourdiet you feel like you thought thebandwagon somebody gave you a heart lookoh ohit’s Jessica hi Jessica hi hey we usedto play with her in her daughter at themall playground so fun hi okay guys thisis about mixed together a minute okay ohI’m going to show you what it looks likeso these are the healthy no bags righthere and then is my bun man I use atablespoon like this and just scoop themout by the tablespoon yeah and I’llshare the nutrition facts below too butI’m telling you guys these cookies havesaved me there’s hot coconut oil allright guys we’re not going to keep youon here all day we could people

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