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FIRST VIDEO | making cookies 🍪

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Video Transcription

hello everybody welcome to my channelInternet this video is grants mefeaturing master learn about inter we’regoing to be making a little cookie solet’s do it be here and we’re just gonnareach you what you’re gonna need so forchocolate chip cookies you’re gonna need150 grams of salted butter like softenedand you can cut into cubes let me justgrab ass and show you a hundred no just80 grams of like Muscovado sugar and 80grams of granulated sugar we just mixthat together in the same part that yeahthere is two tablespoons of vanilla xtspoons of vanilla extract we don’t haveit because we not rational and yeah it’soptional if you want vanilla cookies orlike just chocolate chips now you canleave one egg yeah always whisk up wecan’t really show I was it leaked out225 grams of plain flour yeah we don’treach that one I love because it will ahalf a teaspoon of bicarbonate of sodaor soda and a quarter teaspoon of salt200 200 grams of mixed or plainchocolate chipsso yeah mister side the first thing itsays is to hate the other 190 degreesand we need this phrase yeah I have juston the tray so you can just get twotrays and put some parchment paper in itor summer or you can just leave it onthere and it’ll stick your choice sureabout the background noises so we’regonna put our 150 grams of butter intoour huge green mixing bowland now he’s just gonna be so yeah I’mgonna start on the premises gonna talkokayI didn’t make yeah no one that used tofake self I will start just get it goingof it by preparing everything geteverythingwait outside remember function haslinked over nineteen times we do have anelectric whisk it’s just we like them tobe properly homemade and have like youknow a proper like so let me get thisbutter how about using the bottom ownown I do the flower yeah but I have tohelp you the flowers so let’s just takeit oh yeah and we’ve decided to do mixedchocolate chips so let me just grab thetemperatures we’ve got some icy whiteones a few milk bones and loads ofoh snap yeah so we’re back you guys wehad to change spatula because his snapI’ll mix it got too thick and it snappedbut there’s some external because thisrecipe it’s a bit like it’s a bit outlet as such it’s not really that it’snot really that precise I think it’smore meant for kids we had to add in alot of milk and a lot of flour to thepoint where it got so milky that we hopethat adding like what of course withoutthe flouryeah so yeah you just gotta staypersistent with it until you get a nicedive that looks right like this so thenext step is to add in oh let’s notrejoice on the table sorry nuts and stirthem right so again you can choose onetype of chocolate chips or you can uselike multi pens that Martinez laughs nowyeah you can’t just use multipledifferent chocolate chips or you can usejust one tonight yeah we like reallythat chocolatey cookies biscuits andalso our recipe isn’t as precise becausewe are in France at this moment in timewe live here so yeah so we don’t havethe exact ones that you guys might beusing this is definitely done it’s soheavy sorry I think we could use with afew more chocolate chips though yeah sowe didn’t actually add in 200 grams ofchocolate chips and added in like 150because we know that this is like moreof a smaller battle and yeah where youdon’t want to I of the chip ityou guys are probably thinking don’t addany more in that’s enough we just finishthe back and it was there for that boxis only like a hundred grams soyou guys so don’t worry yeah we havelike a baking cupboard and it’s just astopped up there there’s a box up thereis a book okay that’s it so this is howare you guys that looks really goodI think we should do a little taste testso do you want to get us a little alittle bit just take one we’re out likea championship so it’s our battlewithout time oh I’m trying to just takeit just eat it it’s fine don’t worryready three two one ah it says that ofvanilla sin that good job I think it’s amix of the branch of amore my brotherfound and he lives in England so it wasquite urgent so the camera cut off butwe’re back now so we’re gonna grab atray we’ve got one of them cycle traysbut yeah and we’re gonna grab two spoonsand you’re just gonna grab a heap ofcookie dough and you’re gonna just popit on like that so yeah this is a way todo it without getting messy looks likeone two three four five sixokay well my 13 kg’s I’m a family ofeight so without it we are gonna see youguys later when these are done so you’regonna pop them in the oven for eight toten minutes until they turn golden brown[Music]

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