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Video Transcription

[Music][Laughter]Mimi insisted well what do we have inthis mix some baking powder yeah wegonna add some room temperature unsaltedbutter one egg so dude tell us why we’remaking chocolate chips I had a craving[Laughter]the whole story I had a curious I’mdying to knowyou know[Laughter][Music]what’s happening over youwe’re doing well like uh-huh wow wow wowwell and then look at me and then thefire Wow would you know about blogging[Music][Music]okay well show you later bye bye[Music]surely trying to get some good food yeahyou’re watching those longeryou really canI’m nuts actually shit we don’t evenneed me doing this[Music][Music]yeah okay but that matters it’s likewhen you see okay so when you be whenyou make our school buildings you mixthe eggs the salt in the milk tea thenright before you turn on the pan you’rebasically likeI just put the egg in the saltokay okay maybe that wasn’t the bestenough this will go together be gentlewe don’t want a compactor go too much sowe divide the dough into 6 pieces[Applause][Music][Music]yeahWow looks greatdid you miss something you know if youmiss an ingredient know why this this isnot cookie dough did you put itthis is Blakesthis is just place I think I wassupposed a lot of sugar dude read theingredient listyeah you sure told you well you nottrust me just because the bar was toocoldOh G see the steps don’t matter we’refar past that there is no returning tothatyeahmaybe we just need like youyou know they just need to melt thebutter with our hands yeah you put yourhand in there yeah but what about afterthat step we use our hands to melt thebutter with our body temperaturethey look pretty good very interestingI’ll eat it I do

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