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Easy to make Cookies Recipe – Surprise your loved ones ;)

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Hello to all the friends of PepinoPastry 
I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for overcoming 100 subscribers!
I’m so happy!
And thank to all this week for sending your photos of my recipes… You guys are amazing!
This week a super easy recipe: COOKIES!
This recipe says 3 chocolates and hazelnuts, but you are free to use your imagination and what you have at home.

For around 26 cookies:
-60gr Sugar
-60gr coco sugar or cane
-150gr flour t45
-3.5gr baking powder
-90gr butter
-1 egg
-50gr milk chocolate
-50gr dark chocolate
-50gr white chocolate
-40 roasted hazelnuts
-flower salt

Like always, don´t hesitate to ask any question.

Big hug to you all.

Keep sending your photos of try’s, gives me a lot of pleasure


Original of the video here

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