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Easy Chocolate Cookies|| How To Make Easy Chocolate Cookies In Malayalam|| No Egg No Baking Powder

Easy Chocolate Cookies is the best, simple, amazingly delicious chocolate cookie recipe ever! There is no need for chill the dough, no need of eggs and baking powder. So they’re ready in minutes. It’s crispy, perfectly buttery and sweet. They’re so easy to make and are sure to satisfy every chocolate craving! Try this and no doubt, you’re going to fall madly in love with these Chocolate Cookies!

• Jaggery – 50g
• Sugar – 100g
• Maida – 120g
• Cocoa Powder – 1 tbsp
• Salt – tsp
• Butter (melted) – 40g
• Milk – 100ml
• Water – 1tbsp

Recipe notes:-
* Measure the ingredients correctly.
* DO NOT over-bake these chocolate cookies!
* Don’t heat jaggery for a long time, just melt the jaggery, strain and then we can add the sugar.

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