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Easiest way to make Chocolate Chip Cookies • Quarantine Cooking | Docs Serrano Vlogs #99

Hello!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms and single dads out there!
For those who find it a challenge to bake stuff this one’s for you!
This chocolate chip cookie recipe needs only 3 things: egg, butter…and a cookie mix! Haha!
Don’t hate..just trying to make your life easier if you’re like me who can’t bake for sh*t.

I love, love spending time with Milan and though this isn’t my forte I find ways to still bond with her in the kitchen.

Still on lock down here in Nevada and still staying at home.

Thank you for watching!!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody but you did a cool okay sowhat do we need this one bless you takeme in this one so I always buy this theysay without me mother one in Londonwould always like big and I’m not abaker denominator you need so lifesleeping so physically minimum so thisis proper but she smells good now[Music][Music]okay now I’m gonna wash my hands[Music]so it’s really helpful to mix it up andstuff so after you put in the butter eggand the powder get so all you have to dois mix it up the cookies and then youjust face it will show you how to do itand then shaggy these instructions youneed to set your oven to 375 degrees[Music][Music][Music]I am done lining up your cookies cookiedough only lamp a ticket so now we stopwell with suppose mr. phenomenal are youokay over normally late so I just madelike I don’t know Sakura mm now out ofbloom pack and now I’m just waiting forthe oven to reach your desiredtemperature and then we’re gonna put apin it says here couple large cookie islike a thermometer I can money inJerusalem 9 to 11 minutesso you and Daniel are you final fatherno not a person I think a layer Yumacookie dough’s and the questioner and Ithink that each night one know you mom375 I’m gonna call me lunch if she canhelp us put this stuff in the oven maybe[Music]okay let’s put it into ovencan you help mama[Music]okay[Music]see you laterso guys um we even I mean they don’tinto the oven now we’re gonna wait 10minutes to make napalm the check againwhat looks like the ready cancel soimagine over big nothing overcooked inyour cookies but actually the permanentwe like you muah a little bread cookiesyeah[Music]all right so little Masha I’m so excitedto eat it SF ice tray tray so – I meanyour mama needed to do with your kidslike you guys big or coolhow many minutes at at all conditionMachado me Indian a major activity orbonding them together see you talk andyou know one of the big fellamama already big sir I think aside fromcookies we only made banana cake yet Iknow babyyeah that’s it banana he club where Ifeel like they should try makingcupcakes next time we wanna try itmake some cupcakesusing these inanimate aside button[Music]well I can see it so I eat too muchchipsyeah jump really high I learned like oneof my friend told me now piyah honey mypupils interser jawline is because youeat too much processed each so stay awayfrom itI’m not saying it worm it they make itup an apple or whatever anyway[Music]- they didn’t do it eight-sided ournames on a big[Music][Music]and then my baby animal moviesno charge user code so I’m just gonnaput it here by on my seal of freshnessTiffany be nestedsuperintendent available English soBassam in prayer and baking that’s justlike maybe 15 minutes 20 minutes mefresh batch of cookies so thank you forwatching guys and right now I’m gonnaenjoy Alec again thanks for watching andcomment down below anything any of these[Music]guys are jewelry cookies comment downbelow and click and put a cookie emoji amonkey in the comments while redundancyrealize you know you gotta move thisthing out for the next few days[Music]

9 Replies to “Easiest way to make Chocolate Chip Cookies • Quarantine Cooking | Docs Serrano Vlogs #99

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  4. wow great job cutiee girl ang galing naman great bonding din sa inyong dalwa sis enjoy sis keep safe.

  5. Ang sarap ng cookies nayan mahirap nga process food. magandang mother daughter bonding happy mother’s day

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