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Cooking in a Trench Coat

Today, we will be learning how to cook cookies, in a Trench Coat.

2, 1/4 cups of flour
2 Eggs
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
3/4 cups of sugar
3/4 cups of brown sugar
1 Tench Coat
2 sticks of butter
2 Cups of Chocolate Chips
1 Pair of Sunglasses

(Yes this is a re-upload and also yes I am aware of the grammatical mistakes)

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Video Transcription

hello everybody and welcome to cookingin a trench coat today we will becooking some Nestle Tollhouse cookiesnow the first step in making any anysugary sweet or any food is washing yourpants so not only is washing your handsjust a basic human hygiene you alsodon’t want that virus and I’m not gonnasay its name because that’s that’s notgood all right so basically just washyour hands you don’t want to you don’twant to be sick just don’t be sickplease being sick is fast so let’scombine by the second step the secondstep to baking any perfect cookie isgrabbing your ingredients once you gotand then you’re gonna want to read theinstructions preheat the oven degreesWow look at these magical measuring cupsthat appear out of nowhere you’re goingto use these foreigner in our greetingsin our ingredient yes so you want to and1/4 cup of flour so basically that’sgoing to be a dry stuff school and aknock dry stuff school this is gonna bethe dry stuff school so once you getyour floor you put that I think you’regonna want to grab a teaspoon of saltand baking sodanow after you do that you’re just gonnawanna move you’re just gonna want to mixit all up because nobody likes not mixdry stuff so now once you’ve gotten allyour dry stuff put in a bowl you’regonna want to mix it with a spoon itdoesn’t matter what kind of spoon it canbe a wooden spoon it can be a silverspoon or a plastic spoon we accept allkinds of spoons here now I forgot tomention when you’re camping up the flooror the baking soda or whatnot you’regonna want to use a knife now childrenyou gotta be careful with knives becauseknives can lead to unprecedentedaccidents now the next step to makingour perfect batch of cookies it’s takingthe butter which we have right here thenyou’re going to want to beat that butterafter the beating of your butter itshould look like a nice yellow now we’regoing to take that goop and we’re goingto put it and then not so dry stuff fornow after we put the butter you’re goingto want to add our sugar and our brownsugar we will need to be using a 3/4 cupnow after adding your butter 3/4 cupsugar and brown sugar and a little bitvanilla extract 1 teaspoon to be exactlyyou’re going to want to go over here tothis fine Peter you’re gonna want tograb one of these appliance things youand grab the points put it on and youstirafter the beating of your ingredients itshould look something like this doesn’tlook very appetizing now but trust meit’s bound to get better so now you’regoing to want to take one of your eggsyou’re going to need two eggs for thisand you’re going to want to crack itafter adding your eggs you’re going towant to take your flour oh and you’regoing to want to add that in graduallynot all at once because don’t don’t askme all right I’m not done I’m justfollowing the directions okay stand itin and gradually after adding your flourand your stuff a triplet doughy likethis so now you’re gonna want to grabthese voilalook at that now from here you caneither take one of two choices one youcan do the same thing and put all thatdough on all those metal sheets and popit in me on or you can be an insaneperson who just has no morals and liveson the brink of society and just eat thedoor who does that come onno just don’t eat the door all right sonow you’re going to put all that on thisso now that we have all our dope placedonto our metal feet on one sheet so sonow we just pop that in the oven forlike ten minutes[Music]forty minutes later you can see that thecookies are finished and they look finebut as you can see some of you’ve gotsomebody got to the cookies yeah nicejob right these weren’t meant for youlet’s try one of these cookies forourselves I ever tasted if I’ve evertasted a cookie now that’s all for thisone cause who knows what we’re gonna donext time maybe we’ll learn not to cookmac and cheese together who knows catchyou next time[Music]

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