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Cookies without oven recipe _ by baloch foodline

In this video you will see how to cook cookies without oven in a really easy way at home.


Suger (1/3) cup
Oil (1/2) cup
Egg (1)
baking powder (1) tsp
Maida (175) gram


Take a bowl. Add suger, oil and saute well. Than add 1 egg and mix well for 7 mins. After 7 mins add baking powder and maida than mix well with hands. Than make small ball size, roll it and spread it. Spread all buscuits like this and than take a fork and make designs to make biscuits look good. When they are ready shift all in a empty steal plate. After this take a pan. Put that steal plate on the pan and cover the pan and cook for 30 mins on low flame. After 30 mins uncover the pan and biscuits are ready but donot touch them

Original of the video here

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