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Confetti Cookies

Ms. Stelmaschuk shares the trick to perfect confetti cookies!


Cream Together:
1 cup hard margarine
2 cups white sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla

In a separate bowl, mix together
3 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Mix gradually into the creamed mixture. Stir in 3/4 cups sprinkles. Do not overmix!

Roll into balls. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes depending on size

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome back to pandemiccooking today we are going to be makingconfetti cookies so I’m going to showyou a version of this recipe or how totake the chocolate chip cookie barrecipe that I showed you a couple ofweeks ago I’m going to teach you how touse that base and then turn it into adifferent type of cookie so today we’regoing to make confetti cookies so I’vegot all my ingredients ready to goand I’m gonna start right cream in themargarine so get your mixer fitted withyour paddle attachment if you have amixer aka am mixing Mattelor if you just have a wooden spoon thenthat’s what you’re gonna go ahead anduse I like to use the margarine squaresbecause I find that when you use thishard margarine that gets your cookiesare going to stay chewy or longer andthey keep their shape a little bitbetter so I’m gonna get this creamingone cup of fat two cups of sugar sothrow confetti cooking I’m gonna beusing white granulated sugarso as screaming I’m going to add twocupsbecause I might want to build the ballsin the cookies in white sugar before Imake that haven’t decided yetI stop the mixer give it a quick scrapedown make sure you get all that fat inthere why we cream the fat and the sugaris because we want to incorporate a niceamount of air into itthis isn’t like rider died when we’remaking cookies but when we’re makingcakesthis is absolutely stuff that we can’tmess around withI’m gonna crack funnylatelysecond dateand let it cleanI’m an absolutea vanilla extractokayBertaI’m gonna give the bowl another scrapethis time I’m gonna make sure that I’mgetting race to the bottom of the ballso that there is no lard left behindokay if you don’t have margarine squaresyou can use like a soft margarine youcould use butter you could use scharpingyou could use lard if you wanted but forme the marginal squares are cheap andthey find that they make the bestcookies okay now add my dry ingredientsso I have one teaspoon of salt ready togo I’m gonna add that into the cookies Iknow that it always seems like a lot butwe want to make sure that we’re notoverwhelmed by the sugar and thesweetness I’ve got 2 teaspoons of bakingpowder the reason why I’m using bakingpowder today is because there is no acidin this recipe so in a chocolate chipcookie you because you’re adding brownsugar you could definitely use thebaking soda because that’s gonna createthat leavening action but for thisrecipe we are going to just be usingbaking powder so we get a bit ofpuffiness with our cookies[Music]now I’m gonna add three cups of whiteflour what I’m going to do is I’m goingto add the first to give it a quickpulse and then let it go starting slowlyI want to make sure that I’m notblasting us on high so I’m not getting agiant messI’m gonna add slowly so if you watch theif you watch the cookie bar video myrule of thumb is that I should be ableto touch the cookies with my handswithout them sticking everywhere that’show I know in the climate I’ve beenbitten Alberto but I’m going to get anice quick me done spreads out it’s niceand chewy in the middle and doesn’t turninto a pancake that’s burnt on the edgesokay so now I have my sugar cookie doughif you wanted to you could take thisdough right here of roll balls roll themin sugar and have chewy sugar cookiesbut because we’re going to do confetticookies I got a very nasty look from mycamera person suggesting that perhapsthat wasn’t the best idea so loudloud and clear you don’t need to seeanything Sarah because your bodylanguage says it allthank you okay so I’m going to add myconfetti sprinkles I’m gonna go in halfof a cupI had my half cup measurement but Ithrew it into the sink and what’s reallyimportant is that we have to make surenot to over mix this because theconfetti sprinkles aren’t going tobelieve and so we don’t want towe don’t want them running I feel like Icould use a little bit more than that solet’s go another quarter crap sewagetotal three-quarters of a cup beautifulokayso I’m gonna stop mixing they’re reallyimportant that we’re not over mixing ourdough um the only thing that we reallywant to over mix is bread um today sotoday we’re just going to mix tilleverything is incorporated because ifthe longer we mix the more tough thatour cookies are going to be okay we’llleave that there so I can scrape it offand eat it leaders you so I’ve got myscooper if you don’t have a scooperhandy I just like to use them becauseit’s quicker and everything is the sameshape if you don’t have a scooper thenyou’re just gonna have to take a littlepiece off and roll it into a ball um butI’m gonna use the scoop and I’m gonnashow you a little trick that I’velearned over the years I like one cookiesheet in the oven at a time so because Iwant to get a couple more on here I liketo do a row of three and a row of twodoes that make sense and that way youcan sneak in you’re not sneaking in aton more cookies but you’re getting afew more on the cookie sheetokay so scrape them into balls you don’twant to like play with the dough youdon’t want to roll it around you justwant to get them on the cookie sheet Ilike an ungreased unpark sheet and thereason for that is because I really likethe way the bottom of the cookie sheetand the aluminum cooks the bottom of thecookies is gonna add that nice crispnessat the bottom and maintain a nice chewyCenter if you want to use parchmentpaper you can in my opinion in a recipelike this it’s not going to make thatbig of a difference okay um so I got 13on this cookie sheet real big real bignumbers here so I’m gonna pop this intothe oven for up to 10 minutes and I’llcome back when they’re done righthi everyone welcome back as the cookieshave been in the eye when he broughteleven to twelve minutes they did need aminute or two longer just as I thinkthey’re a little bit bigger than I’mused to making so I’m gonna take themout and this is what they look likecoming from the oven now one might saythat they look a little undercooked butI want to tell you that this is whereyou just need to trust me okay okay I’mhanging up what you’re looking for isthis you’re looking for these cracks ontop of the cookies right you see themthat is what exactly what you’re lookingfor I’m not gonna peek underneathbecause right now the cookies are a bittoo soft I’m really happy with the waythey turned out they’ve gotten a littlebit darker in color and you’re gonna seein a moment they’re gonna be a littlebit darker on the bottom that’s thatcoloring of the like the aluminum pancooking the sugar right so you want tolet them set for a couple minutes beforeyou start moving them around I’m gonnaflip that one for you but you’re lookingfor a little bit more golden color andthen once these cool they’re gonna setand they’re gonna stay chewing themiddle okay so that’s what you’relooking foruse the margarine cracked on top andyou’re gonna have a chewy cookies sostore them in an airtight airtightcontainer for the next I don’t know weekthey’re gonna be really great um let meknow what you think I’ll put the recipein the comments this is my very owninvention so I hope that you love it andmake sure to subscribe button and shareour videos and make our recipes and letus know how you do okay take care I

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