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Come Make Healthy Cookies With Me!!

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to cooking with Katiesince we’re in quarantine I thought Iwould make these awesome chocolate-chipcookies that my office trying to Rebeccamade hi Rebecca I know you’re watchingso yeah they’re really good and I havethe recipe right here I will also linkthe recipe down below but they’re Titothey’re very free they’re reallysupposed to be a little bit better foryou than regular chocolate-chip cookiesso let’s get started making these Ithought this would be fun because wedon’t want to bake unhealthy stuff andthen get back to the rink and not inshape so I thought this was fun to makea little bit healthier cookies so yeahlet’s just get started I’m also gonnadouble the recipe to make a double batchof cookies first you have to pre-heatyour oven to 325 Fahrenheit and Ialready did that so next in a large bowlwhisk together the egg and the swerveuntil smooth so swerve is thereplacement sugar so it’s not giving youlike all the bad sugars in your cookiesso it says 1/2 cup so I’m going to do afull cup 1/2 cup and that ladies andgents is a full cup and now 2 eggs nowwe got a mix together the eggs in thesugar until smoothis that smooth I’m gonna go with thatsmooth now we need two thirds of coconutoil now two teaspoons of vanilla extractI have to do thisOh No dose time to whisk alright so nextup is flower somebody need and 30 cupsI’m really good1 2 3that was 1 and 1/2 4 5 6 1/2 teaspoon ofbaking soda 1/4 teaspoon of fine grainsea salt so now we mix with a spoon I’musing a spatula until it forms like adough so now it says stir in chocolatechips to incorporate side dark chocolatechips because they’re a little healthierfood so we’re doing a book[Music]now let’s scoop one but these are allready to go in the oven I think I’m intime a little too big but that’s okayI made a cool little fork design on themwe’ll see how that comes out but yeahlet’s go ahead and put these in the ovenfor 10 to 15 minutes and I will see youguys when they are ready okay so I justrealized that I forgot to melt thecoconut oil before I put it in sofingers cause they come out okay there’salways something that goes wrong when Ibake I made these lemon squares one timeand you’re supposed to make the crust inthe filling and then like put themtogether but I only made the crust and Ithought that the filling was like youcould make it another time did that andthen I also made these brownies on acookie sheet and I burnt them so I don’thave the best reputation with baking butlet’s fingers crossed that these comeout okay my mom told me I also forgotthe eggs in the brownies so I mean Iremembered the eggs today so[Music]hi the cookies are done in these are mygrandparents all gonna taste test themhe’s not gonna like it because they’rehealthier go get the first bite reallygood yeah very good thank you good nightand you can I have some milkthey definitely taste healthier bringhealthy they’re pretty good good for thediabetesI just know why they look dope righthere I think he likes a crispier that’sa nicer color I’m gonna become a moviestar dadyour mustache a better one than that oneI’ll call it I think it was good if youenjoyed this video please give it a bigthumbs up I would really appreciate thatif you have not already and you’d liketo please click that subscribe buttondown below to become a member of our bighappy i canti family shows theysubscribe also hit the bell next to itso you get notifications every time Iupload for behind-the-scenes and tofollow me on my skating journey followall my social medias also follow myskating fitness and food Instagram it’sI Katie with an extra e on Katieremember you are so so awesome and don’tletever tie otherwise I will see you guysnext time go make your cookies I loveyou guys bye my skinnies[Music]

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