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Chef Blair’s Tips No. 18: Apple Cookies

See what Chef Blair does with lemon-lime soda and an apple!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey everyone welcome back to do we’renot cooking but we are preparing a snackthis is snack for kids adults reallyanybody that likes apples and peanutbutter so I like to call them applecookies they’re very popular at thehouse when I write I very rarely dothings with peanut butter or with nutsbut when I do I always make sure that itis completely separate on a differentpattern and I contain it to one area[Music]the allergies that might come with it sowhat Julie you don’t need an apple namedpeanut butter and then I have twodifferent toppings I have raisins and Ihave chocolate chips chocolate chips arepreferred but if you don’t likechocolate that’s who raisins are good togo as well and then you might bewondering why I have some right next tomeso um what I’m going to do is I’m goingto cut up the sample and then we’ll gofrom thereso I mainly when you cut an apple youcut it in half and you take the core outand all that good stuff we want to keepthe rounds but you only one figure so Ido have an apple core for the middle solearn what to doas I’m going to slice my Apple and up toyou thickness wives of what you wanthi I’d say maybe like order of an edgemaybe again I I like I like a good bitebut you don’t want it to be you don’twant it to be very very sick I actuallydid that one a little too thickall right solet’s say we’re doing Volk apples othertime are you doing this with your familywith your kids and the minute you startcutting an apple the minute starts withoxidizing you what that means that I’vestudent is getting to the inside of theApple and it is starting to turn brownso to prevent from browning you can domany different things you canlemon juice or lime juice those wouldmost popular like in some water and thena little bit of juice I know thatsomebody’s done finical before in myopinion those are very very overpoweringflavors so there comes the can of spriteso I’m going to put my apples let’s sayI’m I’m preparing a lot when my applesin a bowl and I’m going to open up mycan of sprite and for over making surethat my apples are completely right thishelp and if you want to you can like Ifeel like I don’t feel like the sodareally stops the oxidation process orslows it down a little bit but this alsoadds with the sweetness really good solet’s say I cut all of my apples now I’mgoing to do I’m going to start myassembly line so I’m going to takeone of my apples take that pour out sopour it in or pour it out a whole kindof like doughnutwhen I pat it dryand then from here I’m going to take mybutter knife now I have an offsetspatula that I like to use but Iunderstand that not everybody has anoffset spatula so I chose to do thebutter knife to see see it is it can bedone with a butter knife did it take agood portion of peanut butter you canuse as much or as little peanut butteras you like totally up to youbut I’m going to spread itnice event layerand then I will place it onto my servingPotter once I have finished all of themthen I will come back with my topic so Ican either do chocolate chips I can doreason I’m going to be packaged it’sbecause favoriteand put as many chocolate chips as you’dlike what you can also dohoney if you want some added texture youcould do some granola or just some likeadditional like peanuts like ol peanutgo crazy with it have fun but this isjust a nice little snack to be betideover from lunch to dinner or somethingalong those lines and it’s barely anadult friend so your family and yourfriends that you love them and I’ll seeyou got[Music]

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