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Video Transcription

[Music]hello lenita here at the Blackland ranchmany of you are under quarantine you’reon shelter in place locked down whateverthis is the best time to make goodies init if you have kids or young ones athome that are like I’m bored here’ssomething that you can do with thefamily and have fun and everybody willlike some it’s always time to eat sotoday we’re going to make cacao cookiesso my ingredients are pecans dates andcacao first we’re going to add two cupsof pecans into a bowl and add our datesone cup two cups you can use equal partsyou can also make this with walnutsI just prefer pecans but if you likewalnuts you can use walnuts also theymake really good cookies and these areno bake cookies so you don’t have towait forever and the kids can have funwith it while they’re doing it so we’regoing to take this and put it into thefood processor hang on just me all righthave you got to get the camerareposition so that you all can see thefood processing part I have poured thedates and the pecans into the foodprocessor and you just want to pulsepulse you don’t want to ground up toomuch because if you grind it too muchthey won’t stick together and while theyare grinding I’m going to add the cacaoand you want a full tablespoon but notso much of a heaping tablespoon so aboutthat much cacaoand I’m going to use three tablespoonsof cacao and pulse that a little bit andyou’re going to use you can use regulartable salt or you can use I’m using thecoarse salt and if you’re going to usethe coarse salt because the foodprocessor is going to grind it up foryouuse about a a nickel size of the coarsesalt and just pulse a little bit and ifyou’re making totally veganthen you stop here and finish yourprocessing if you’re not really strictvegan I like to add a little bit of gheeit gives it a fresh baked flavor so youknow if you like those homemade bakedcookies that grandma used to make youcan add that and I’m just going to addtwo tablespoons of ghee and that’senough to give it that flavor and thisghee is completely liquid so it’s not aheaping tablespoon just enough to wet itand give you that flavorand you know it’s done I’m going tobring the camera closer so you can seewhen the food processor when you lookmmm in the food processor and you cansee there you can see everything allkind of ground up a little bit but youstill can see it as chunk it’s not pastyif the dates are at room temperaturethey’re extra sweet there we go now youcan see but you don’t want likepulverize because it’ll be too late andnow we’re finished so I’m going torelease my food processor and start thecookie making process so you just here’smy container that I’m gonna put mycookies in a food processor this is mybowl for my cookie and sometimes Iusually use a cookie sheet but you canalso use a use a bow or whatever andyou’re going to I have an ice creamscooper and if you have like varyingsizes which I do I use the smaller onebecause it just makes a good one andit’s a satisfying taste and you want topack the cookie into the ice creamscooper so that it’s really packed intheretight and full take any extra any extraoff of the edges of it and you justrelease might have to Pat it to get ityou know just perfectly round and thisis what your cookie looks like so I’llput that in the bowl you can see mycookies in the boat there you go so Iwon’t make you watch this whole part ofme doing this this part takes this parttakes a probably about 10 minutes and assoon as I finish I’ll come back and showyou the rest okay I’ve gotten all of mycookies made and this is what the ballswould look like I have about 24 of themright now and so you place them in therefrigerator from a minimum of 10 to 15minutes up to their last four days soyou can keep them in there as long asyou want to the colder they get thelonger they’re in the refrigerator thebetter they are because they sticktogether better if they’re still at roomtemperature they fall apart and itsreally fake flaky so you see my rainhand this is the hand that was using thescooper it’s very clean with the bowlthere’s very little cleanup but I gotone hand that looks like that and ifyour kids are helping you they don’thave to lick the bowl they can licktheir hands well please enjoy thesecookies and if you have any questionsplease feel free to contact me hit thesubscribe button below and like thisvideo thank youyou[Music]

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